Racist man goes off in a Lyft driver when he’s asked to wear a face mask

  1. The Great McRib wars, a 2-for-1 pizza invasion years back...uhhhhh he's probably fighting a losing battle to keep his foot right now, I'm guessing?

  2. What are you talking about This man single handedly did american imperialism in Asia in the 1960s, south america in the 80s, and the middle east 2000s-present all the soliders were his shadow clones

  3. Exactly, these types of people are proud to sell their soul to the government if it looks like their form of “patriotism”, but also are skeptical of the government for things like COVID, again fitting their form of “patriotism”.

  4. Ever notice when an ahole says he's "entitled to free speech" they kind of forgets all the rights the other guy has too.

  5. I always get a kick out of people saying "yOu CaNt sPeaK EnGLisH" it's like really, dude is over here flexing on you, fluent in atleast 2 languages that we know of. It takes a really determined person to learn multiple languages. I think Spanish in the U.S. should be mandatory in school from day one.

  6. His accident wasn't even that thick... I've had conversations with much thicker accents who spoke much faster. Bro handled that proper, glad Lyft stood up for the driver.

  7. Oof. Out of all the things he said that made me cringe the most it was the way he said “boy”. I hope everyone in this POS’s life has seen this video.

  8. I’m sure anyone close to him has seen/heard worse in person. He knew he was being videotaped so I bet he held back a bit.

  9. My guess is everyone is his family says the same. Racism isn’t one and done, it’s generational. 20$ says all his friends and family are saying how HE got screwed over. Fat piece of human garbage. He should’ve walked the 3 or 4 miles home…bet we’ll all be paying for his medical expenses, unless COVID deletes him first.

  10. When I did Lyft I would make people put on a mask before they got in, avoided a lot of confrontation, and if they got upset I could just drive off

  11. you fought three times THREE TIMES!? my apologies sir, please continue your racist tirade and accept this deep fried double bacon cheeseburger as an apology 😮‍💨

  12. I can’t believe the audacity of people feeling like they have the right to act like this when not provoked. Heck! Even if provoked you shouldn’t.

  13. Some people mistake the right for free speech for the freedom of repercussions. Yeah, people can say whatever they want to, but that doesn't mean that other people cannot be offended by it.

  14. That man fits the physical description of the people who actually die from COVID based off my SO who works in the ICU.

  15. Can you imagine being rude to the person who is driving you somewhere you need to go? Like, this has got to be one of the dumbest people alive.

  16. They both used to, but I believe the requirement was lifted a few months ago. Unless it's been reinstated and I didn't notice. (New Jersey)

  17. I just took a ride with an uber driver who caught covid from one of his passengers. Totally disrespectful and dangerous to the driver and other passengers to not mask up if asked to.

  18. I agree, most veterans. From what I’ve witnessed with husband and his friends are very much bonded, as if you went to war, you had every race, ethnicity, etc. there with you and you depended on them in life threatening circumstances. And in doing so respect was earned that you don’t lose and you most definitely would never disrespect their heritage, culture, or life, as that’s just not a good camaraderie. It makes you respect even those whom you are fighting against, at least in the more recent wars. My husband has ptsd, mainly from the kids starving, but not being allowed to feed them, because some people would use the food packages to make bombs. It’s a hard thing to face, but I feel it unites, not divides those soldiers whom face it together.

  19. this dude is getting tired out talking i doubt he fought in 3 wars. not only that but free speach means you can say what you want but if what youre saying is bad you can still receive repercussions for what you said.

  20. I despise the whole "I served for this country" BS rant. The whole reason you serve is based on the values of protecting what America is.... that includes it being a melting pot.

  21. There's a really good chance that the whole reason that this guy served (if he ever did) was to be able to shoot at brown people

  22. Is there a subreddit that shows people being racist like this? I'm. Im not sure why but I like watching them get exposed

  23. They tried to go with a feel good ending, but the dude made multiple threats to kill the driver and that he would remember what the driver looked like. The real happy ending would be that creep in jail, there shoukd be more than enough evidence in this video alone.

  24. This is the kind of guy who would come up to me, start a conversation that seems normal, and then drop an N-bomb and expect me to reciprocate.

  25. If someone asks you "Do you believe that?" Just say, I got COVID last week and I just got recovered, im asking you to wear a mask so that you dont catch it from me.

  26. In the animated classic, Heavy Metal, the cab driver has a button he can push that vaporizes whoever is in the back seat. Would be a good time for one of those.

  27. Bold of you to assume he works. He strikes me as the disability type. Not actually disabled, just figured out a way to draw a check.

  28. Im more amazed by how the drive handled the situation and how polite he is even to that kind of person. Just wow....

  29. I think it’s funny that every time I see videos of racists they say “I’m a full blooded American” but they’re ancestors are with a high chance not from America! If you are born in America you are an American citizen and that’s why the driver is an American too

  30. How about just shut up, be gracious and not rude and antagonistic, and comply with the request. It was not an unreasonable request. To me the driver is in charge. The only time I’ve ever had a problem with Lyft or Uber is when the driver has tried to pound his conservative beliefs into my head. And even then I did not speak up and protest I simply sat quiet until the ride ended. How difficult is that? This to me was another man child in the wild and I’m glad the driver took a stand to say basically we’re not gonna put up with this.

  31. Isn't unfortunate to have to sit there and listen to conservatives. Our neighbor went on a 30 minute discussion with one of my relatives with me sitting there and not once did I shove my views in their face. The entire time though...they just couldn't help themselves.

  32. Why some of the American have to be this much trashy. Because they didn't pay attention to history and geography when they were little.

  33. When will people understand there are Americans who live in pockets where other languages are spoken and people can be bilingual and have thick accents and be third fourth and fifth generation Americans. I live in South Texas and my mom and her parents were born here in Texas and English was their second language. We're as American as American can be.

  34. This driver handled the situation like a hero of humanity - calm, composed, compassionate, direct, logical - ahhhh I hope he gets some compensation

  35. This is what we Latinos have to deal with from people like this walking heart attack, fatty-liver-ass, ignorant, poor excuse of a living organism, nose-hair-tentacle prick…we still get comments like this whether our loved ones are Navy Corpsman or Marines. What a super prick.

  36. There was a little location marker that said Las Vegas there. I’m guessing that guy is a tourist and doesn’t realize a huge portion of the Las Vegas population includes a variety of races and nationalities. It can be a shock for people who live in small rural US towns, trust me I know, but that doesn’t excuse being rude to ANYONE because of their nationality you don’t even know.

  37. What’s up with those white racists so called “Americans” They don’t know much about their own history.. they are all freaking imported people..

  38. Herman Cain award candidate caught live in the wild. Unfortunately they’re not a rare breed, although they’re doing everything possible to make themselves an endangered one.

  39. He handled that better then I would have dude (Lyft driver) you rock I have lots of respect for you and keeping your composure through this ignorant man I’m sorry you have to deal with people like this

  40. I knew somebody like this in the 90s. He had a microwave in his bathroom and he'd try to puff himself up by mentioning his high level d&d character. When you're only interactions in life are with other shut-in nerds, intimidation takes on weird new definition. Also, not exactly coincidentally, the owner of the bigest porn distributing BBS in the local area code. Had adult themed door games and everything.

  41. When are people like this going to realise that saying 'I'm an American' is not the golden get out they think it is?

  42. Good. Every single person who works any kind of service job, we all need stop allowing customers to abuse us. Just like this driver, tell them to stop, stay mature and respectful and refuse that work/service. Do not help anyone who is rude and abusive. You have the right to refuse service for this exact reason. Don't let management tell you to accept abuse. Customers should be behaving within normal social rules and manners, that's not unreasonable to ask!

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