Psycho crosses into traffic, stops, blinds me with a laser pointer

  1. If he walked toward me and used that laser pointer, I’d think it was a laser sight on a gun. No way I don’t run him over.

  2. This guy really is playing with fire. If he did this to someone who then pulled out a gun and shot him, I could definitely see a "I thought it was a laser site on a pistol" defense working for them.

  3. It's ok, a massive voice above my head will tell me it's incoming, giving me at least a few seconds to drive off.

  4. Regardless, i think it calls for it. Youre blinded, have no clue what hes trying to do to you, and youre trying to get to safety. If he wants to play games, he can try to play games with the front and underside of the vehicle. Play stupid games, get a grand prize of a wheelchair or meeting your maker.

  5. So if you were to hit and kill a jaywalker with your car, you would not be charged with a crime as long as you did not leave the scene.

  6. Legally, at least in my state, it is illegal to cross a highway on foot. If this results in an accident, the pedestrian is at fault and liable for damages and charges can be brought against them. " It is dark out, I didn't see him, your honor." If you arent in a crosswalk, AND don't practice due diligence, you are liable. Saying that, you can be in a crosswalk and not practice due diligence (or not making sure the road is safe enough for you to walk) and get hit, it would then be the pedestrian's fault.

  7. Lol. No. While it can obviously hurt your vision, it doesn’t satisfy the legal definition of self defence, that is you weren’t in mortal danger with no recourse but to kill him.

  8. Wow that is a man in his 30s not a teenager trynna be stupid a grown ass man just stepped in the road to do that arent humans just awesome

  9. all hail the justice system that allows these people to walk the earth without ever getting the punishment they really deserve.

  10. Lol everyone in this thread like sElF dEfENsE while I live in an open carry state with no self defense protocols. It specifically says “victims have the duty to retreat, if possible”

  11. I actually recieved one of those pointers in my eye 6-something years ago. Permanent Retinal damage, luckily just a tiny spot in the middle of my vision, But still very visible to this day...

  12. I'm sorry that's awful. I had a coworker who had his eyeball shot by a kid with a pellet gun outside his house randomly with no provocation. Pure scum.

  13. In a similar vein, a fellow I knew got tired of local drivers tooling around with highbeams on and not dimming them when cued to do so. His response was to wire up a couple of aircraft landing lights to the front of his vehicle. Flash his highs at them ONCE; if that didn't work, they got to look into the sun. Surprising how little time it took for folks to catch on...

  14. I think this is partly auto manufacturers faults. Idk why standard headlights nowadays are the same brightness as highbeams from 20 years ago. Damn led's getting out of hand...

  15. Honestly officer, I thought the laser was on a pistol and feared for my safety, so I did the only thing any reasonable person would do in that situation…I ran his stupid arse over

  16. Dude those green lasers can cause permanent vision loss before you can even blink. I have one of them and they are extremely dangerous just looking at the dot it makes on surface can cause damage

  17. If I recall correctly it can blind someone even if the beam gets reflected off of something right? Also can one blind multiple people at once?

  18. STUPIDLY easy, 100% yes. China lasers are notorious for being WAAAAY over the legal limit of 5mw. Good if you want really strong lasers to play with and know what you're doing, bad it you don't. They can also have really messy wavelengths and you normally get a good deal in non-visible IR and UV along with any color laser you buy from China. They actually use this and will have them output a ton of IR in order to make them "burning" lasers.

  19. It doesn't tickle. I got hit in the corner of the eye with one of those cheap little laser pointers. It felt like someone had poked me in the eye. Fortunately I didn't suffer any damage from it.

  20. As soon as you step out in front of me, you're volunteering to become close friends with the front of my vehicle. If there's no crosswalk and lots of traffic, don't expect people to stop for you. Also, even if i did stop out of instinct to not run over the person, if you stand in front of my car looking at me like that and reach to point something at me, you are getting run over period.

  21. I stopped for someone that ran out into traffic to cross the street and I got rear ended hard by a big ass pickup truck. Guess which person didn’t stick around to discuss insurance details or cause of accident? I’ll give you a hint… both drivers stayed at the scene due to nearly total car failure.

  22. Laser scientist here, the reason why these can be dangerous is because there is usually a much more powerful infrared diode laser in these pointers. They use a special crystal to double the frequency to make the green light, but they often cheap out on installing an infrared filter, so you get the full blast of IR onto your retina.

  23. yes, green is the most harmful in fact. green lies in the center of the visible spectrum because our eyes evolved that way. the human eye is most sensitive to green light. if it is a high-powered laser, it can cause permanent eye damage instantly

  24. Don't really have a choice when you're driving down a bridge without crosswalks at night and he just appears in front of you

  25. In Connecticut: it's illegal to point, shine or focus a laser pointer at someone "in a manner that can reasonably be expected to cause harassment, annoyance or fear of injury to such other person."

  26. I feel like I know everything about this loser just based on the fact of him walking around with that tactical laser pointer.

  27. Call the cops. Chances are if he did this to your car, he probably did it to airplanes near the city. It's Federal prison time if caught for these idiots doing that to airplanes

  28. I absolutely adore you for the petty 10 second closeup and pause on his face in the middle of the video! Let’s hope someone recognizes him.

  29. It would be entirely legal for you to have accelerated through him when he pointed that laser

  30. If I happened to come across that guy like in this video it would be a light war he will flash his tiny laser and I will burn his retinas out with my light bar and ditch lights

  31. Well judge I didn’t run him over on purpose but you see he blinded me w his laser pointer and I lost control of the vehicle at that point and it swerved into him. I accidentally pressed the accelerator.

  32. Anytime I’m on foot and I see a car. My first thought “let the car go, do not challenge a car with your body”. Anytime I’m about to ride a bike. My first thought “ where can I go to ride my bike so I’m not near cars” I know my ego isn’t big so I just wanted to show how thoughts are processed in humans like me

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