Every human now has a death touch. You can kill any person you are touching with any part of your body, instantly. They die immediately and without warning or time to react. They, of course, could do the same to you. Every human now has a death touch.

  1. A lot of people would die initially. Raising children would become extraordinarily dangerous and parenting methodology would completely change within one generation. Martial arts might see a resurgence with some kind of new style that focuses on complete physical avoidance.

  2. I hadn't considered how deadly it would make children! You're probably right. Self defense would be all about completely avoiding physical contact, and children would be very scary.

  3. Hi, Mystery Recap here. Today I am going to explain an American sci-fi movie from 2022. Spoilers ahead, watch out and take care. It's the year 2050 and humans are able to kill each other through skin contact.

  4. Having sex with people probably wouldn't be terribly dangerous, if they just wanted to kill you, they could do that simply by being in private. It probably would dramatically reduce or eliminate rape though.

  5. It would very quickly become mandatory to have every inch of skin covered any time you're in public. Enforcement would be extremely harsh.

  6. I feel like that would vary a lot by country and culture. In the United States, we let people walk around with deadly weapons very frequently, even ones that can kill at range.

  7. The death touch has to be intentional. You can touch people normally without killing them. If two people touch each other while both intending to use their death touch, then both of them die.

  8. A lot of kids would be murdering their parents in fits of rage and tantrums. Kids would be raised with no physical affection or love u til they understand their power. All of society would just cease any physical contact out of a lack of trust. Touching would be reserved only for the most trusted and intimate of friends or family.

  9. Guns can make people die without you needing to touch them. I imagine most areas would have a higher murder rate among adults, since most places it's hard to get a gun, but it's not like everyone's going to go around killing each other.

  10. Children might not be the biggest problem, depending on how the power manifests and is activated. If it has to be intentional, it might not be something a kid could do by accident just because they're angry or upset. You might actually need the will and focused thought to kill someone. Plenty of kids know where to find their parent's gun, but don't actually have the will to kill. I feel like if children had the mental state to actually kill out of anger, they could do that now.

  11. I feel like assassins and hit men aren't really hurting for a lack of weaponry. There's no reason why people still wouldn't get charged with murder for killing people. Why do you think kids would just go around killing people, and why do you think no one would stop them?

  12. Kids would become massive weaknesses. We would have to design some kind of clothing they couldn't remove to keep them from being able to accidently (on purpose) murder everyone who pisses them off.

  13. If you're having sex with someone, they could already just kill you anyway, So I don't think consensual sex would be impacted too much. People definitely would go to Great lengths to avoid having any skin casually on display when they're going about their day-to-day business though, just has an extra layer of protection.

  14. Do you really think the main thing stopping people from killing each other right now is that they simply aren't able to?

  15. I’m sure a lot of countries will allow guns and knives to citizens for self defense as that is a measure of harm without skin to skin contact

  16. In a lot of romantic relationships it would be extremely easy for one partner to kill the other if they desired as it is, so I feel like romantic/sexual relationships would remain similar to how they are. There would likely be very large societal implications though as you suggest, and casual physical touching would be seen as a lot more dangerous slash threatening.

  17. Society will cease to exist. Affection, love extra will be gone forever. A large chunk of what makes you human will disappear.

  18. There’s an obvious comparison to gun control here. If everyone’s carrying, then everyone’s a potential threat. You can be as responsible as you like, but a momentary loss of self control is all it would take…

  19. Of course. It doesn't change the legality of killing someone at all. It would still be homicide, whether self-defense or murder etc

  20. Does this death touch leave any evidence afterwards? I.e. how do we know a person died by death touch if nobody witnessed it?

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