New Texas Law Requires All Masks Have Word ‘Pussy’ Written Across Front

  1. I didn’t see the sub or link at first and just accepted that this was a real news story. I wasn’t even shocked...

  2. The government doesn't have the power to decide how I live mah freeedommm.... but yes plz send young people to die in foreign lands for oil and zero geopolitical gains and undermine our national security. Kay thnx, byeeee

  3. You guys and gals wanna hear a fun fact? Sure you do, 90% of the gun restriction/gun ban bills have came from Texas state representatives. Now isn’t that very patriotic of them. So if you’re from Texas and you support the second amendment maybe you should pay attention to what your district representatives stands for come election time 😉

  4. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second, I like taking the guns early” - DJT

  5. Because the virus tends to attach itself to droplets from when you talk/breathe. Since asymptomatic transmission is what makes this plague so virulent, you may be infected and not know it. Wearing a mask prevents you from infecting others.

  6. Had to look at the comments. Was not disappointed. People are taking a satirical article seriously and arguing about it? If you're in one of the states that no longer requires masks, wear it or don't. It's still your choice. What's there to argue about?

  7. The problem is that if a significant number of people dont wear them, then anyone wearing them won't make a difference. Again, they are for protecting others, not yourself (unless you're talking about ffp2).

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