How do I make my bathroom look moderately acceptable to visitors on a budget and with no handyman experience

  1. Great list. Also, a shelf storage unit next to sink with a permanently available counter space to set things on when using sink.

  2. You’ve really hit the mark! However, I don’t think a “patina” sink is a good look for a bathroom. “Spotless” is the name of the game when it comes to bathrooms.

  3. You lost me at self-levelling - I don’t think that’s an entry level solution though your hearts in the right place

  4. I would say definitely paint and also if you have some way of evening out the floors and then maybe using some peel and stick vinyl flooring. Maybe a small shelf somewhere with some smallish fake plants.

  5. Haha, my basement was finished, and the bathroom was carpeted (ewww, gross), eventually the toilet started leaking around the bottom seal. I got a new toilet, put in a saniseal foam seal instead of beeswax. Then I tore up the carpet, which had lenolium under it. I glued loose parts of that down, and got traffic ceramica from home Depot, sick it down on top, it's groutable, so I grouted it, and it's been great for almost a decade.

  6. I would ask whomever is keeping you hostage to move you to a temporary location, back of a van say, and get a team in to fix the bathroom.

  7. Scrape up that old floor. Put new peel and stick flooring down. Paint the walls. Paint the sink vanity. Install some base boards or some type of wall to floor transition to cover up the crappy wall bottom. Rubber wall cove base is what home depot calls it.

  8. Visitors don’t like the gulag vibes? New floor tiles and tidy up the walls would make a world of difference.

  9. I'd caution that those floor tiles may contain asbestos depending on how old they are. They made floor tiles containing asbestos into the 80's, be safe if you are working with them.

  10. Paint the walls! Peel and stick mirror off Amazon since it looks like your feeling with brick wall. Decorative contact paper for the cabinet. Put a rug down in front of the toilet and sink. Clean and make sure it smells good! Cheap peel and stick vinyl flooring would do wonders.

  11. Paint walls. Remove tiles off floor. If concrete just clean then paint a gloss concrete floor paint. Easy to clean and can look good. Just be neat and tidy when you do the panting.

  12. Dont forget skin, mouth, nose, and eye protection! Those old tiles get so much stuff under them over the years, not to mention if they're old enough, asbestos. Be safe, friend!

  13. I would sand the cabinet down if it’s made of a nice wood, but if it’s just something average, rebuild the visible parts and put a nice solvent based deck stain on them (super durable and intentionally overkill for a guest bathroom sink), make sure you either open a window and wear a mask, but probably just do it outside. Put some wood floating floors, and then maybe a couple rugs. Also helpful are soap bar holders, towel racks, face towel hooks, garbage bins and a mirror. Paint the walls if you like, but in my opinion, I would keep the pipes along the walls a different colour, the contrast will give it character. Lastly, floor mouldings go a long way, but use caulking on top and bottom to seal them.

  14. Lots of good suggestions. Here I go. Pop up the tile and polish or seal the concrete. You can even leave the marks from the old floor (within reason). Put on a baseboard it’ll do wonders. Paint everything. Paint all the concrete or brick crisp white. The one or two walls with drywall paint a bright ass blue or something you like. Add a wood shelf next to the sink for towels, etc. paint the vanity black. You could add some peel stick tile as a backsplash if you like. Bring in some natural stuff (wood, plants) and get some things on the walls. It could look super cool industrial chic. Also follow someone else’s in depth lighting suggestions. They are spot in. Or if course you could do a floating LVT gray floor and white walls and some boho stuff if that’s your vibe.

  15. People are such assholes with some of these comments. Like good for you that you can afford a nice bathroom, but maybe don’t shit all over the place where this person has to take their daily shit.

  16. I totally agree, no one knows what the person’s situation is and they are obviously trying to improve the washroom, good for them… but also I think many of the comments were made with an intention of humour… either way your suggestions are 10/10

  17. Rip out that ugly tile and put in vinyl flooring. It's cheap and even an amateur can do it if you follow a YouTube instructional video.

  18. If this were my place, here’s what I would do: -First, clean everything. Scrub the walls, clean up any broken tiles, Barkeepers Friend is great for cleaning. Use diluted bleach on the floor and clean as best as you can. -Paint the walls. A nice coat of paint will instantly brighten the room. -Go to a thrift store, or yard sale, or online sale and get a cute mirror to match your style. Hang at the sink. Also look for a cute set of shelves to go next to the sink. Store your haircare products and toiletries there. Also fold a few nice towels and put them on the shelves for guests. On the top shelf, put a nice plant with vines that hang down. -Put a set of over-the-toilet standing shelves up. Put a few decorative items, an extra roll or 2 of tp, and some nice room spray. -I can’t do floors, so after a good cleaning, I’d put down some soft throw rugs to match the room.

  19. I don’t know where you are, but if it’s the US, check out the restore stores from Habitat for Humanity. It’s basically home build items that were reclaimed or unused and are donated so almost always super cheap. Rather than go to Home Depot and pay hundreds for a new sink, you might pick one up there for 20 to 50. They also have tons of tile, mirrors, doors, bathroom fixtures.

  20. Tiles. Peel and stick are easy to cut so that you can fit them anywhere (box cutter, ruler, pencil - or make a stencil with paper and use that to firm fit). Paint, a nice light color.

  21. Fix the floor first. If you can't tear up even out and replace, then just glue to old stuff, buy only what you need to replace what has been lost. Fill holes with something, like an epoxy, maybe, then paint the whole floor in something high gloss and tread resistant. I bet a paint store would have something. Then paint the walls in something high gloss but with added texture (there are textures you can mix into your paint, then roll on in two layers) to help hide the rough texture of the wall. Paint the cabinet and change the handle on it. Toss down some bathroom rugs, hang a towel and put in a shelf with a shade loving or fake plant, and voila.

  22. Embrace the retro gas station look. Add some signs. A touch of PG graffiti. Key on a chain attached to a stick.

  23. Second the shelf, paint, flooring. Add: Towel holder, stencil the sink cabinet with a cool pattern, add a rug

  24. Most importantly, a decent mirror lel ;)) it gives the illusion of a bigger space and allows the visitors to gaze lovingly at their reflection and make them feel good, by getting a chance to adjust their appearance if need be.

  25. I agree with all the other ideas people have suggested, I think everybody is putting you on the right track. Here's what I would do, in the order I would do it:

  26. I would just lay down some barrier over that flooring before you lay new floor. Those look like possible asbestos and I wouldn’t take those up yourself because it requires a lot of PPE/steps/time. Better to not touch them.

  27. Fabric. I know it’s a bathroom but fabric can be cheap. A curtain rod with a curtain covering a large wall may help. Rugs on the floor will cover up a lot too. Towel rack with large towels could also help.

  28. There is also a hygiene consideration with this. If it’s an area that is damp (like a basement), or if there is a bath/shower, definitely avoid fabric. Fabric in the bathroom can also be a pain if it’s an often-used bathroom because it needs to be laundered often (again, hygiene). So this is a great solution if the bathroom is in an ideal spot without much moisture and without a ton of regular use!

  29. For cheap cuts of fabric, use colorful discounted sheets, also thrift stores and dept stores have remnants at pennies on the dollar. Look for "no sew" techniques if you don't sew. Thicker Contact paper might have some nice patterns and can be adhered to the dresser.

  30. Just lean on it and splash blood in the walls and hang a hacksaws or 2 on the walls. Bonus if you can find a bear trap and chain it up to a pipe or even better a radiator. A broken mirror will provably tie it all together, ironically.

  31. Forget the paint, you don't need it, get yourself some tropical houseplants up in there, some photos, snake plants AND some ferms since they're known for influencing good bowel movements just by looking at them, also put some coffee bean candles around. Use dark hardwood accessories. Use bamboo matting if you're so inclined. Call it your forest restroom.

  32. I say lean into the aesthetic and just get a bottle of Lubriderm so guests can puts the lotion on their skin. Maybe add a hose?

  33. Paint it first. Pull up those tiles on the floor and put down new. The Vinyl peel and stick tiles are very easy to work with. After that, clean the bathroom very well. It'll look decent.

  34. How do you make that look better ? What kind of visitors are you worried about while incarcerated? You want it to look better, wait for your release date

  35. Some have no choice side to their circumstances. My first place was a bedroom in a rental house ( bedrooms upstairs all separate) hot plate and small fridge. That’s it. Only went up from there.

  36. I know it’s not a popular topic on the news but the unhoused population in most cities has risen exponentially since 2020. Due to rising housing costs and the costs of everything else going up, unchecked corp greed. We do what we can do until the ruling class takes pity on us.

  37. Tell them to use another bathroom that I hope you have cause if this is the main one well I don’t even know why you’d have guests yet

  38. Maybe because they are friends? Not quite sure why someone should not be having friends over just because they live in a shitty apartment.

  39. Paint, put down new flooring (even if it’s peel and stick vinyl), and replace the vanity. Those things will improve it 10000% and not cost too much. The vanity will be the main expense but you can still get a decent looking one for under $400.

  40. Maybe a thin self-leveling concrete topping on the floor with an acid wash and sealant? Might need to lift the toilet a bit and probably take out all the tile. Or if not acid wash, then colored concrete topping. I'd spend some money on gutting the sink and putting in a new non-custom vanity... the one you have there is really more of a laundry sink. Order a large mirror (I got a cheap one at an autobody shop or something around me) and revamp the lights somehow. Fresh paint on the walls. Use something mold resistant perhaps.

  41. Paint the walls, paint the vanity, pop up the remainder of the ceramic tiles and use peel n stick tiles. That may depend if the tiles go under the toilet or not. If that is the case and you don’t want to mess with it, you may have to glue tiles back down in missing areas and go over the top with a snap lock laminate floor. Some base molding or rubber cove base to finish it off. A mirror and maybe a picture or two on the wall.

  42. Yank up that vinyl, epoxy or paint the concrete floor, paint the walls. Add base. Vanity looks metal. Get some vinyl wrap in whatever color pattern you want for the sides and front. Leave the stainless sink. Done

  43. Level the floor and put down some vinyl plank (easy to install without gluing down, looks like hardwood but can handle being in a bathroom, the wood look will make the bathroom feel warmer and less industrial). The home improvement store that sells you the planks can probably tell you how to level and install, or you can google it.

  44. Lots have people have suggested paint for obvious reasons. I would suggest doing a nice white with the bottom third in a different darker colour that compliments the floors. Dark green or blue are good choices. This will help make how tough the walls are and give an illusion of height as well!

  45. paint the floor with floor paint, patch the walls, paint them. maybe have something interesting Like a feature wall or cool wallpaper on one wall.

  46. There's a lot of potential here-especially if this space is at big as it looks. Not sure what your budget is, but this is completely DIYable. If there's no timeline, there's no need to rush through it. It's a series of projects-tackle them one at a time.

  47. Get yourself a Black & Decker book on basic electric. I taught myself how to do basic home improvement stuff with no experience. Just books and YouTube videos. I prefer books when I’m working rather than dealing with a screen. Then you can replace your current light fixture. Alternatively, ask a friend or relative if they know how and ask them to show you

  48. The biggest mirror you can fit above the faucets will make the room seem larger. Put an interesting backsplash from above the sink to an inch above the faucet handles so it looks less like there were two faucets in the wall that someone put a sink u dear just in case they leaked. From the level of the sink down, use a thick wall paper that will hide the irregularities in the wall or a cement/wall compound to make it smooth and paint it to accentuate your backsplash. Use a lighter color (or white) above the backsplash as the brick looks very cool. Nice shelving or cabinet to hold bathroom necessities to the right of the sink with and awesome picture above it. Pergo flooring would bring the overall feel from basement to room. Repaint the cabinet. Fix the chunk missing out of that lower wall.

  49. Not sure where you are, but lots of people have leftover cans of paint that they want to get rid off, often people end up paying to dispose of left over paint, so you could try and find some free paint. So basically clean everything really well glue the tiles that you have back in place and cover everything in a coat of paint.

  50. Dollar store for regular items. My bathmat is amazing and I got it from the dollar store years ago, handtoeels, toilet scrub etc

  51. New floor, look at getting a new sink and sink cabernet. Fitting a sink is easier than you think, I did it by my self on my first renovation with no experience, or replace the wood around the sink. Then probably some paint. Also look at getting some base board, that would tidy things up, preferably pvc baseboard so water doesnt damage the wood.

  52. As tempting as I know it must seem to you, on yr list of priorities, at this point in the operation, & ...on a limited budget... I'd say yr best bet is to just sink as much of yr remaining resource into acquiring thicker grade, upper-tier gauge, higher quality, more heavy duty shackles. Make sure to have the proper installation hardware when attaching the wall chains to their mounts, & remember... alloy is strong, but soundproofing is better!. Happy Hunting!.

  53. That sink is cool! Others are right, no need to touch that. Otherwise you don't need to be a handyman really for the cosmetic updates it does need - paint and decor

  54. Don’t know if this has been said but as someone who flipped a house with zero experience, YouTube helped a ton. Just plan for 3 hours more and being more frustrating on each project than it took the person who knew what they were doing on YouTube.

  55. As most have said, the floor. You mentioned you're on a budget and don't have much handyman experience, check out some how-to videos on youtube before you start doing big changes. Measure the square footage of the space so you know how much replacement flooring you need. Get a little extra incase you mess some up during installing or something happens down the road. Check out the different styles of flooring, some are super easy to cut and place, others will require more effort but would pay off in the end.

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