The most boomer sign in Houston

  1. It cracks me up how all these churches are big on branding but light on mentioning anything actually about Christ or Christianity. Even the url, '', is too afraid of putting anyone off by mentioning 'baptist.'

  2. Yeah, never heard of these guys but went to their site and how tf does a church have multiple locations? What do they do, simulcast this guy to Katy and Pearland for some reason?

  3. When 2nd Baptist pops up on this sub, I like to recommend Jia Tolentino's essay "Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston"

  4. Yup--it has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity and 100% to do with defending culture. This belongs in a political activism group. Run far away from a church that spews this rhetoric.

  5. I always fall asleep at churches. Listening to people drone on about a book I can read myself is a little tiresome.

  6. Maybe the original line is "the church woke" but these guys were too cool to be woke so they decided to look in a thesaurus to find a synonym and then just replace "woke" with it. It sounds good in theory but there are actually a few extra steps they might have missed.

  7. Oxford English Dictionary defines woke as: “alert to injustice in society, especially racism” so their message is what?

  8. This is the same guy who had a billboard up when I moved here and it said something like, "God's Autobiography written by Ed Young." I shit you not.

  9. Jesus would fucking hate these people and they would hate him right back. I'm not even remotely close to a Christian, but these folks have perverted it to it's very core. What bugs me is that the stupid book explicitly warns about these kinds of folks multiple times yet clearly reading the book is just a bridge to far for these fake assholes.

  10. Young has all the charisma of a rotten bag of potatoes. I guess when you’re spoon feeding bigotry to followers eager to lap it up you don’t really need to have any likable characteristics.

  11. Yeap. The Roman Catholic Church is a business as well. No one knows that they own the most private land in the world

  12. Grifters gotta grift. Gotta remind people that he exists and needs people to come and give him money for a vacation home or a plane or whatever. Because Jesus said so.

  13. I’d take 20 Joel Osteens over 1 Ed Young any day of the week. Joel is a greedy little grifter, but Ed Young preaches his hate politics from his pulpit every Sunday, practically instructing his parishioners who to vote for. Joel is too $mart to alienate his followers by bringing up politics.

  14. This sign/statement is the epitome of what's gone wrong in so many churches. Regardless of your feelings about what the term "woke" infers, I interpret this as just a hit piece to the progressive agenda---pure politics. All it does is exclude people who might have differing views. IMO, this is not the Christianity that Jesus envisioned. As a Christian, if you are constantly taking a morally superior stance and drawing a line in sand against others, you need to rethink what you truly believe in.

  15. Something about casting stones comes to mind….or any of Jesus’s treks throughout Samaria. These people would be shocked if they actually read their Bibles.

  16. Hey, don’t pin this on Boomers! Pin this on that church. A lot of older voters are liberal. You don’t get to be old without lots of chances to see that people are people, and love is love.

  17. I graduated from Second Baptist, and it was the most miserable time of my life. I only went there for six years, and I'm still trying to recover. I'm glad I got out of there before their biases became so blatant.

  18. I did Second Baptist when I was younger, and while the veneer of a 'feel-good church' is there, there's still a lot of shitty, bigoted ideology, as well as stuff that is just harmful to the self.

  19. I am still trying to figure out what exactly this "woke" thing is that seems to make so many people mad.

  20. This pastor is upset he can’t call his secretary “sugar tits” while pinching her ass and having her pen a memo about making his church whites only.

  21. Creating outrage where there should be none, like ostracizing, bullying, or getting people fired for no good reason, etc.

  22. Definitely boomer. Definitely a bad sign in general. I don't even understand it but I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be mad about being woke.

  23. To have a discussion/thread/topic about religion is really difficult because people will feel like you're forcing them to feel/believe something when it's up to that person as to what they believe.

  24. Woke merely is a slangy term for ‘aware’ or ‘cognizant.’ I can’t tell which is worse, the malfeasance of this whole charade, or the typical cultural appropriation when it comes to the theft of language.

  25. Oxford English Dictionary defines woke as: “alert to injustice in society, especially racism” so their message is what exactly?

  26. This is really what it's all about. They are feeling attacked because...times they are a changin. Instead of welcoming change, they feel the need to attack

  27. Yo home-dawg, it's me, your numero uno G-money. Would you be kind enough to loan me a case quarter so I can ring up my crib and rap with my biz-natch? Word up to your father.

  28. It basically is trying to say “awake the church so they’ll realize how anti-woke the church is supposed to be. Take a stand against anything woke at all, because it’s not Christian.”

  29. When I was a wee lad, I remembered churches were about helping the less fortunate and being kind to others no matter who they were. I guess being an asshole is just more profitable.

  30. There are still churches like that. They just tend to not do things like buy billboards to draw attention to themselves.

  31. Churches are loosing members because the members realize there is not god! A Harry Potter novel is better.

  32. It is exhausting. The best part is that these giant churches — corporations — have responded to the slow death of the church since the 80’s by franchising to the suburbs and gobbling up all the small churches. Just like jeebuz would’ve wanted.

  33. That place is a fucking cult. They have a group for everything, singles/married/kids/sports etc They don't want you having anyone or anything in your life that they don't control.

  34. So, instead of making it about Jesus, God, or becoming a part of the church body, it’s about terminology? Yes, I get the word “woke” has negative connotations, but I still fail to see how saying it’s awake helps to attract positive attention. Nor how that would get me (others) to want to join that church out of others. I’d be more inclined if it was about God and not seeming about you and your ideology and annoyance at younger generations.

  35. Christianity is a cult that copied from paganism and ancient sumerian as well as steal the old testament of Judaism. It's also grotesquely always needing money in support of scandals and other b.s. Thoughts and prayers though yall

  36. I'm personally not a fan of woke culture, but what's with American-brand Christianity's obsession with liberal/woke politics and just politics in general?

  37. Who Jayzus Ed Earle? Another fundamentalist marketing money making scam, and Tax Free on 42ac Repentagon Mecca.

  38. living in katy, i have to drive past one of those billboards AND the actual fucking church its self everyday. and every day i wish someone would smash the sign and slash the billboard.

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