Houston elderly woman dead: 87-year-old hospitalized with bite marks, chest injuries, spinal fractures day before body found

  1. She was taken to Memorial Hermann on August 5th, was "hospitalized with spinal fractures" on the 6th, but was back home and was found dead on the 7th?

  2. My grandma has osteoporosis and I'm pretty sure she has spinal fractures that the doctors know about and she's just existing with them because it's not like she could survive a major spinal surgery or some huge intervention. Still the bite marks thing is....not good.

  3. Bruising can be caused by blood thinners. I was prescribed 2 meds by 2 different doctors for good reasons, then started bruising constantly, all over my body. Turned out #1 was blood thinner, #2 had blood thinning side effect. Dr said drop #1Rx, and all good.

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