What’s an earthbound horror franchise where a sequel in space could have worked?

  1. I'm the biggest fucking fanboy, but Prince of Darkness. The Brotherhood of Sleep receiving telemetry from distant points. Different planets, different VHS, different apocalypses, different times. Same threat.

  2. The Wolf Man. The moon is always full in space. In the sequel Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, the immortal lycanthrope Larry Talbot is consumed by his guilt for killing people and seeks out Dr. Frankenstein to help end his life. What if the science led them to the moon? Like a tie-in where NASA is aware of lycanthropy and wants to study it and Dr. Frankenstein's work with Talbot is foundational to their understanding of lunar science.

  3. Nightmare on Elm Street could have been fucking awesome in a “deep sleep” space travel context.

  4. In the future a crazed man/ai/ or android reads about the works of Jigsaw and takes over a deep space vessel traveling with people aboard in cryosleep.

  5. This only for them to make a sloppy twist reveal prequel to explain how the space station was made over a decade after the original movie

  6. Not so sure about franchise, but i kept having to remind myself (for whatever reasons) when watching Underwater (2020) that it wasn't in space.

  7. Seems legit. The story treats being underwater like being in space... their suits make more sense in low gravity vacuum than under tremendous pressure.

  8. To me it this sort of move only makes sense when dealing with things that are already kind of science-fiction related. Like you can do a ghost story or slasher in space, but it would be better off as an original property rather than a sequel

  9. I've had this idea rolling around in my head for years for a movie about a sort of a human cult that worships the predators, and tries to find them when they come to earth to be sacrifices for them. Then, some subset of people start hunting them instead, basically turning the whole predator culture against them. Give them interstellar travel, and having them manage to find the predator home world could be interesting...

  10. A few hundred years in the future, Earth is part of a peaceful interstellar federation. The Predators are the Borg/Klingons of their universe.

  11. It’s not necessary (or even wanted) but with how ridiculous some of the Children of the Corn sequels got, I’m surprised they didn’t go to space. A few of those sequels got so far away from corn; Why not go to space?

  12. Came here to say this! Gremlins in space is the logical third installment. Make it a bit more of a star wars type universe where space travel is the norm

  13. The sequel (prequel) could have absolutely slapped if they just stuck with the practical effects they had committed to instead of rushing a CGI job. They did Mary Elizabeth Winstead dirty on that one.

  14. I don't know, Critters 4 made sense to go to space since they were aliens and that's where it all started, yeah? Though I think Critters 3 and 4 were pretty awful, Critters was the only franchise that didn't seem like it was jumping the shark when they went to space.

  15. Jurassic Park on Mars… but it’s the whole terra formed planet, and we think it’s a time travel movie for 80% of the time, then we see a dead m.night Shyamalan in an abandoned facility and we realize the truth… it was 1940s Berlin the whole time

  16. We need a sequel where the dinos have all been herded into the national parks (which are now off-limits to the general public, of course). Some rich a--holes buy their way in, somebody pushes the wrong button, all Hell breaks loose.

  17. It gets a lot of hate, but I think maybe it was just too ambitious for its own good. Could have been split into 2 movies.

  18. I'd like to watch season of American Horror Story, where we can see cosmonauts in rocket, maybe on moon. It is not typical movie franchise, so maybe my comment is off-topic.

  19. The one from 2008? I just watched the trailer because I was curious. The editing of the trailer was so jarring and hard to follow.

  20. Everyone is in cryo sleep and 250 years later once everyone wakes up they find the raving holorecordings of the ships doctor who accidentally woke up 5 years into the journey, we spend the first half hour with just the doctor alone, slowly losing his sanity as he begins modifying his own body to match his broken mind. Eventually he starts to drug those still in cryo sleep, testing drugs, killing some with lethal cocktails and twisted body horror surgeries and pulling others out to experiment on them. This eventually leads a 5 person centipede where using advanced tech he has fused their spines together and broken and refused their arms and legs to more effectively move in their new form. At the end of the film we see that in the captain's chair is the doctor's dessicated corpse, as he's been dead for 200 years, and coiled around his feet is the mummified remains of his centipede. (Edit for spelling)

  21. Hush. Imagine a Deaf astronaut and a guy suddenly goes floating by the porthole and then breaks into the airlock. He's Russian, because scary accent, from the ISS, but he had a psychotic break and suited up to attack the NASA shuttle.

  22. First of all, how dare you insult Critters 4. Second of all, where can I watch Critters 4 right now?? Brad Dourif FOREVERRRRR!

  23. Evil Dead in space would’ve been a perfect Bruce Campbell movie back in the day! Sadly he has moved on from playing Ash physically.

  24. I would say the Predator franchise, but they tried that, and totally dicked the dog. Alien started in space, so maybe someone could slap down an uno reverse card on that and recover the franchise from what it’s become?

  25. An Alien movie on Earth could actually have potential. One of these things finally made it here (probably because of some stupid android working for the stupid evil capitalists). Now what?

  26. Gremlins. The outbreak first occurs on a transport ship who call mayday and emergency-dock at a spacestation. Mayhem insues. Heroes must lure the gremlins to the captains deck and lift the solar shields to save the day.

  27. The exorcist or maybe I just really want to see a science fiction possession movie. Something akin to Event Horizon meets the Exorcist.

  28. Like possessed by a space creature/futuristic mind control, or possessed by a biblical demon? Either way I could see that being cool in space

  29. There's some pretext for it being in continuity with The Exorcist, too - at the party where she's in a trance and pees on the rug, Regan first says to a houseguest "You're going to die up there." The guest she's talking to is an astronaut with an upcoming mission.

  30. Predator!! Because no predator movie has happened in space... except some scenes maybe... like the hybrid in AvP...

  31. Weird option since it's not generally considered horror and it is only one film, but Annihilation. Imagine we get the gene splicing shenanigans but with flora and fauna that starts out being otherworldly, opens up a lot of options for body horror when organs that don't process oxygen become incorporated into the human body.

  32. Humanity colonizing any planet or celestial body. Propagating this [gesturing all around] is fucking terrifying.

  33. The Child's Play franchise has gone so completely meta and ridiculous at this point, that I'm surprised they haven't tried sending a Chucky to space.

  34. Not that this is an actual franchise, but if the Stab movies (the movie franchise within the Scream movie universe) went to space they could call the killer Ghostspace

  35. I wonder what would happen if the carrier went to space and never came down. Would it float up into space or just stand around waiting for them to come back, or just say fuck it and go for their predecessor?

  36. To be fair, Critters are aliens in the first place, so I wouldn't call Critters 4 "the well of creativity running dry" for that reason. Maybe for other reasons, sure.

  37. I'd like to see Reggie, Mike, and Jodie travel through the portal to the dimention/planet of the Tall Man in the next Phantasm movie. It wouldn't be the same without Angus, but the Tall Man said "I have many faces" so it might work.

  38. I’m surprised to not see “Predator” here. Reverse Predator with a human hunter on their planet seems a given, and yet it’s never happened.

  39. Human with high tech gear shows up on a backwater Predator colony planet. Turns out only the aristocratic elite of Predators are mighty hunters/warriors, everybody else is just trying to make a living, and they have to deal with this human maniac.

  40. Silence of the Lambs... spaceship crew finds an ancient cryogenic capsule with Dr. Hannibal Lecter and they thaw him out. He becomes popular with his delicious cooking, but one by one the crew begins to disappear.

  41. Bad Taste (not a franchise, but) I’d always wished we’d gotten a sequel where Derek (who already is on the house/ship headed to the alien home planet at the end) actually landed. Then just Peter Jackson chainsawing aliens for 90 minutes or so.

  42. Predator maybe, online a massive space station thats big an grungy with a 40k aesthetic, you know so one stray bullet doenst kill everyone

  43. I'd like to see a season of Ash vs. The Evil Dead take place on a populated planet in a galaxy far, far away, and they have to save the planet to get sent back to earth. Sort of Army of Darkness meets Return of the Jedi.

  44. Jason X was very creative in what it did with the space setting and doesn't belong on that list with those other shitty space sequels.

  45. I know we had Predators but I'd love to see the Colonial Marines head to a big space station or colony expecting a Xenomorph outbreak only for them to have to find them already killed by a Predator

  46. Child's Play. A crew goes into space for exploration. Each person can bring one comfort item aboard. One brings Chucky (suspend disbelief on how he found him). Chucky then proceeds to cause mayhem on board. His owner manages to fatally wound him but before he dies, he transfers his soul to the ship's computer so now you have an evil spaceship trying to kill off the remaining crew, with the computer voice replaced by Chucky.

  47. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre taking place on a large, sprawling, derelict moon base that has been undermanned and underfunded for many years.

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