Don’t hug me, I’m scared.

  1. I love the YT series and have been waiting for the show for a long time. It is somehow hilarious and utterly horrifying simultaneously lol Can't wait to start the series.

  2. Haven't viewed the newest, but I'd be surprised if they can match the originals. They were good, but I anticipate a formula if it would go on that could get predictable - starting off innocently and then getting dark. That's hard to maintain well.

  3. One thing I liked about the YouTube shorts was that while they followed that formula each one got progressively darker. Like the formula was "start off cheery, get dark, return to normal" but each time they reset things they never quite made it back up all the way and that mood served as the starting point for the next episode.

  4. I think the first episode is amazing. The rest of the YT show is also very good. I’m really looking forward to the TV show

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