I think a multiplayer spin-off could be a great opportunity to show us a new region (e.g. Europe) of Horizon's world. Creating an own character would be also dope. What do you think?

  1. This. Many games went down the Multiplayer road, after successful single-player. And most of them sucked.

  2. Okay, but what about an open world single player RPG in the Horizon setting? Character customization, joinable factions, expanded crafting, building new settlements?

  3. But mostly generic stuff imo. A Horizon multiplayer game could bring fresh air + it could expand the world after the trilogy ends

  4. But toxicity isn't avoidable even as a singleplayer game. I especially remember the people saying that Aloy looks "too masculine" and other bs after the HFW trailer. As a PvE and with an option to play only with friends the toxicity could be limited.

  5. I understand you, and your opinion. But Horizon is a single player game that already requires a lot in terms of development etc. A multiplayer version could postpone a third title and DLCs. Also come along the usual problems : servers, micro transactions, maintenance due to online problems etc (feel free to add others I missed). Would it be nice ? Yes an interesting concept, monster hunter like, but the realisation would be tough.

  6. Development aside, even if that was a non-issue it's still a no thanks for me. As much as I love the world and the lore, the core value of the game is the personal journey of Aloy. An MMO is an instant turn off to me, and cheapens the whole experience.

  7. Not if it's part of a DLC after the single player game is finished. Like GTA Online, but only co-op with max 2 or 4 players.

  8. So no one should ever attempt a post apocalyptic multiplayer game because one studio failed at it?.....

  9. Not a fan of a multiplayer game… and they are probably saving Europe for other games …. Horizon III or whatever … (just an idea)

  10. I have always thought that it could be interesting to get to experience the Faro plague. I dont inow that it would work as a part of the main story since combat is so heavily non gun oriented. But with guerillas game history I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a universe expansion at some point that lets you live out all of those data point scenarios. I bet they still wouldn’t let us punch Ted though. Heck since everyone is adding noble side games I would absolutely play something where i got to use Ted as target practice.

  11. Yeah, agreed. Not interested in a competitive multiplayer game for Horizon, but a squad co-op hunting game with some story would be awesome, and might allow me to convince some friends to get on Playstation.

  12. I like exploring the world, but I don't know that multiplayer is the way to go given its ongoing costs and need for support. At the very least we need to wrap up the Nemesis situation before we can get in to exploring stuff just for the sake of it.

  13. I just don't want them making any of the main story titles where you have to be online and playing with other people. Not only is that a stressful situation for me, I live out in the country where you literally can't get internet good enough for that.

  14. I'd rather they not personally it's not my type of game. Give me a set character and keep it a single player journey

  15. It would annoy me to have all new content and lore locked behind multiplayer. I’m all for a spin-off, but it shouldn’t be online/multiplayer only (I don’t mind if it has multiplayer as an option, I just hate when single player franchises I love suddenly put out multi/online only stuff that I can’t play).

  16. No... Multiplayer ruins good RPGs... just look at FallOut 76. I would rather have a well made story driven RPG over a MMO that would water down and degrade the story.

  17. Only because it happend to other franchise it doesn't have to Horizon (again, GG would never release something half-baked) and a multiplayer game CAN also be well made. I also don't think of a MMO but a coop (GoT is a good example) where you play with a group of 2 - 4. When it's made as a spin-off how should it ruins the experience in the main games? And why it has to be a sither-or thing when you can make both so everybody has fun?

  18. No. Not everything needs to be multi-player. You have plenty of choices if that's your jam. Stop trying to ruin a good thing.

  19. There's s reason why I love Horizon and that's because it's a single player experience, I would say if there was a minimum chance of a multi player it would be like GoT which also I never played so it's a big no for me.

  20. When game developers make games, they have an idea of whether that game will be single player or multiplayer or both. If it’s just single player.. it’s almost always a good game and same with multiplayer, if it’s meant to be multiplayer, it’s usually a great multiplayer game. Not very often you get a good game where, let’s say, its a single player game that has multiplayer features. They generally suck. Take for example mass effect 3, older game now.. but that game would have been way way better if they had focused all resources into single player.. and not split them. horizon is a single player game. And it should stay that way.

  21. My instinct is that Horizon's gameplay wouldn't really translate well to multiplayer, but I would've said the same for Ghost of Tsushima, and yet here we are

  22. I believe not, because it will cost a lot of money and time to Guerrilla, to instead using that time and money for the future DLC, and Horizon 3

  23. I personally wouldn't play it but I honestly don't get why people have such a problem with it either. Multiplayer doesn't mean "battle royale" or "competitive" or "live service." Co-op games that aren't live service exist. Just look at the Monster Hunter games recently.

  24. When Aloys series is all said and done. I'd be open to the idea. But I'd prefer for now that they focus on the main thing.

  25. Hmmm.... the problem with going to a whole new continent is that there would be a bunch of new tribes and zero tribe's we're familiar with. If we're gonna do that, I'd rather it be a new single player game where I can really dig into the new tribes and everything.

  26. I’ve always thought an RPG game set in Europe would be cool. I think lore suggests the European Union had its own special task force to try and deal with the collapse of humanity. I’ve always felt like gaming has missed out on an opportunity to have a Skyrim-with-friends style game. I don’t believe we’ve ever gotten a true exploration style actiony game yet and Horizon’s world could satisfy this.

  27. So long gorilla don’t allow it to come at the expense of the main series then I would welcome a multiplayer spin off. Although I would very much expect an another company would need to take develope said game.

  28. Please God no multiplayer. There's too much MP stuff in gaming nowadays. It should be just single player and story focused with a beautiful world to explore and tons of side quests.

  29. I'm gonna agree with what a lot of other people are saying regarding the possibility of an optional co-op. Like, you wouldn't have to play it co-op, but you could. Also, I would LOVE to create my own character in the Horizon world and explore new areas!

  30. I wouldn't play it as multiplayer but a Monster Hunter World style game hunting machines seems like a perfect fit. Don't know how you would incorporate the cool scifi elements though.

  31. This is a nope, not dope. Now a single player RPG spin-off with a created character would be fine, OR a drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer game like Borderlands, that can still be played solo, would be okay

  32. I would love co-op. Just like small group of mates. Not full fledged online, find a random player type thing. Something where u and a party of maybe 3-4 mates can go and explore. Fighting horizon machines with a proper group of functioning allies where u can actually plan things would be so fun imo. Imagine taking down 2 thunderjaws. Someone leads one away while 2 dispatch one and then u all clean up the second one. Etc.

  33. A lot of people don’t know that this series was originally planned to have a massively big world with multiplayer but it was too ambitious. So give it a chance.

  34. Well, it’s made in the Netherlands so a DLC taking place in the Netherlands would be pretty cool. But I personally don’t like multiplayer games so that’s a no for me.

  35. I'm open to the idea if its done right, not sure what it would look like though. Something like Ark or Rust maybe, or go the destiny looter shooter vibe? Maybe just make the third game with co-op in mind?

  36. I'd rather them spend their time on quality story content for DLC and the next Horizon game. Would be a nice bonus to have co-op since we have a great cast of support characters now.

  37. Create-your-own-character is overrated. I like to meet the protagonist. Learn about their story, grow with them over the course of the game. I will gain nothing from creating my own character. That’s just my opinion.

  38. For the record, I think having a multiplayer where you can customize your own character in the Horizon universe would be super cool. Especially if it's a similar pace/tone to Red Dead Online (before it stopped getting any more major updates). I don't play many multiplayer games, but I sunk hundreds of hours into that one because it doesn't force coop and griefing was pretty minimal in my experience. In general the community was really nice, though I think it's gotten worse lately

  39. Same, I'm not playing that much multiplayer but I would definitely play a Horizon coop game/mode where you create your own character and can optional choose to play alone. Since it would be PvE, there shouldn't be that much toxicity especially because the Horizon fandom seems to be nice community overall.

  40. Although I share the general sentiment that this franchise doesn’t need to have a multiplayer spin-off nor something like that…

  41. People read this post and assume OP is Ms. Elisabeth Guerrilla, original founder and current CEO of Guerrilla Games asking for permission to immediately cancel every single ongoing project to focus on a Multiplayer Spin-off right now

  42. I thought of a coop game with groups of 2 - 4 hunting machines together in a semi-openworld (whole openworld would be too expensive ig) and a small story e.g. around the hunters lodge.

  43. I'm not a multiplayer so don't know much about that world but I'm wondering how you see it working because the Horizon world as it is is focused around single player. Would you be a group going out from your tribe to hut machines or other tribes or food?

  44. like in my head if it played like ghost of tsushima legends, with character design and different play styles based on which tribe you picked, it’d be so cool to see imo

  45. You're getting a lot of pushback, but I think Ghost of Tsushima showed a way to do it with Legends multi-player and I could see it successfully implemented with tweaks for Horizon. It could never be more than a side game or spin off, because the main games should stay 1player, but it's not like the fandom is getting out pitchforks for Call of the Mountain for being VR. Main games aren't being made VR only or multi-player only. Frankly, we should support the Horizon IP having side games in a different game structure.

  46. Right! I don't understand the negativity since a multiplayer game/mode would be an addition and NEVER a replacement. If it's well done (and I believe in GG) than it would be good chance to see the Horizon world from another perspective just like in Call of the Mountain. Some people mentioned MMO (horror!) but I was thinking of an coop game the whole time lol

  47. I think character creation needs to be done away with in general. I wonder how much more playable/accessible CP77 would have been if they didn't put so much crap into the character creation...

  48. Okay hear me out. Multiplayer/co op but only 4 or so people like monster hunter world. I think that could probably be super fun!

  49. I want to run around and hunt machines with a friend SO BADLY. But it needs to be original characters. But Imagine taking down a slaughterspine as a duo. or hopping into an arena. There would be so much fun strategy. One person create a diversion while the other stealths around to get a clear shot at a weak point. Even if it was just a hunters Lodge type of thing. It would be so much fun.

  50. My best friend just started playing HFW and we discussed how fun multi-player would be. Hunting machines together, racing, exploring with my best friend in this world? She also is really jumpy so gets anxious fighting big machines and I wish I could help her 😂 But this would be amazing and I would be so excited for something like this. It would also be a great way to learn more about specific tribes by selecting them in a character creation.

  51. I think it is a great idea and i was thinking about this for a long time, but i think it should be like few players co-op and not an MMO, something simililar to what is in the Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint

  52. Could be done. If someone doesn't like the idea doesn't have to play, but i agree that the toxicity would be a problem so important missions activities etc should have option to closed/friend only session, and you could go into Massive Online where you can meet players fuck around, only if you want. I'd like to play some like that, maybe on some 2030 VR rig hopefully

  53. Horizon MP game is happening, that's what Simon Larouche's team is doing. I expect it to use HFW and HZD maps, though.

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