Peaks Pass [Video]

  1. Been a while since I posted here last, here's another video blending Horizon together with the God of War soundtrack.

  2. I laughed my ass off when you got a one shot on the shellsnapper and then that laughter quickly turned into being impressed. That was incredibly well put together. My god…

  3. If you told me this was an official promo I wouldn’t think twice about it and that really shows the quality!

  4. Someone in Guerilla should make an event out of these and yes, make this as promotional content (whoever wins or top 5 picks etc) to bring in more players and showcase its thriving community.

  5. It's a critical strike move. This animation is triggered on downed human enemies at a slightly longer distance than usual. You have to tap the critical strike button as you're running up to them as soon as it appears and I believe they have to be either getting up or not knocked completely down. Also, this is a kill move so they would have to be low enough on health for the critical strike to finish them off. This particular opportunity doesn't present too terribly often.

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