Whatever Comes [Video]

  1. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. If not, the game was released in February… and most of this is real gameplay.

  2. I love these videos. I wonder how many people who haven't played these games falsely assume that the combat portion is not actual gameplay.

  3. It wasn't long ago when I thought "man, nothing really comes close to GOW series when it comes to pure action" (that Poseidon boss fight though), but now seeing videos like this I'm having second thoughts. When everything clicks this game's gameplay is ridiculous, and the fact that all of that is without any quick time events makes it even more impressive!

  4. Also, it takes a pro to maximize Horizon's potential so great job. It wouldn't be as fun looking if a noob plays it :p

  5. This needs to be an accolades trailer or sales figure trailer at some point. The music, the dialogue, the gameplay, everything is so well executed for the video.

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