Deliverance [Video]

  1. I take exception to the "how it was meant to be played". Just because this is an extreme of how cool the combat can be, doesn't mean that the rest of us are somehow doing it wrong. Not saying it isn't fun to watch and learn from, but c'mon.

  2. Well this video is more about looking as cool as possible than being 'good' haha. The optimal way to fight these would look more like being in cover 150 yards away brace shotting them for 4k. This looks a lot more satisfynig if you can pull it off though.

  3. I found a frozen lake with one Tremortusk, so I set a trap in its path and waited to start a fight. After about a minute and it started actually shooting back at me, I realized what a big mistake it was. When the giant lightning orbs started flying I had to run away. I need to take some time to just hunt machines and upgrade all my weapons.

  4. Watching this makes me wish I could start the entire game over with no memory of how incredible it is, and just play it in awe like I did before finishing it.

  5. I'm currently playing both side by side and while both are extremely great games, hfw easily takes it for me. Elden Ring is a very good game. It is also one of the most overrated games I have ever experienced, and again that's coming from someone who has got close to 80 hours in it.

  6. I'm totally starting a new save once GG does something with Greenshine. Made a lot of mistakes early in my playthrough. Granted, I played on Easy with East Loot. Now that I understand the game mechanics, I'll be playing on normal with all the systems set to default (save for hold or toggle switched to how I like).

  7. I made a similar comment about speedrunning once. Speedrunning is like you're watching football but for some reason the shoe laces and temperature of the grass matters more to the game than the people actually on the field.

  8. I just finished zero dawn for the first time and I’ve been putting off forbidden west because of the time commitment, but gatdummit this is selling me hard. Are there other games that pull off this kind of combat?

  9. The game is amazing and you should totally play it, but in the interest of setting proper expectations, unless you are extremely good at this game, your combat will look nothing like this. Like, I could fucking never.

  10. I don't recognize the first Valor Surge? The one where Aloy plugs something into her spear before slamming it down for a lightning cage effect?

  11. Tag as a spoiler!!! I’ve finished it but good god dude please tag it as a spoiler, if I had had this spoiled I would’ve been pissed

  12. I'm playing HZD through for my first time slowly, and I kinda just wanna be done with it seeing how much better the combat is in this game I mean seriously this is some absolutely insane stuff lol

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