Fighting A Tremortusk in Style [Video]

  1. While I love this video, I can’t be the only one that’s bothered by the fact that the player only used arrows for like half this fight, right?

  2. I mean, they're the most cost efficient (damage per resource) weapon in the game. Also the most precise.

  3. Just curious, for this fight what would you use instead? I use arrows primarily, especially elemental ones, so just wondering what other strategies there are.

  4. I love watching these and seeing little things I miss when I'm focused on the battle, like her kick up move she does at 0:45 after getting knocked down.

  5. Exactly! Gameplay is actually cinematic for a backseat gamer. But for the player, you are just focused on the machine's parts for targeting

  6. That was my main takeaway too. How did she even do that? Is there a skill I missed? So annoying when Aloy just lays there for 5 seconds after being knocked down

  7. I’ve been playing Elden ring since I beat this game, and seeing the elephant produce the red napalm like gas made me think they added scarlet rot to this game lol.

  8. That, and the fact that the gameplay on this game is actually cinematic! Taking off all the HUD elements really keeps it clean. And since you aren't playing, you get to see all of Aloy's movements and the small details in animation. It's really amazing!

  9. I don't think so. I just tried and it did seem the same. That said, even on dry ground she slides quite a lot longer than you'd think. And the slide has i-frames ( dodge frames ) now. I don't think it had on Zero Dawn

  10. I always try to do it but my aim is crap when I do that. It looks cool but it never seems to help me like you'd think.

  11. Ok, honest question. How did you got rid of the dot in the middle of the screen ? I can see the cuts on the video and all, but I can't see the dot

  12. Playing without a reticle. I play all third person games without a reticle, gets me more immersed in the game even if that means missing shots, and it's good practice. :D

  13. I'm kind of thinking the same, but more because they aren't shooting at the middle of the screen. Everything they shoot at is off-centre.

  14. You need to make a similar cut like this when you have to face the slaughter spine from the main story. The music and shear, "Oh God I'm trapped with this thing" would be captured really well in this style. Props

  15. Holy shit the combat in this game is looking great! Can’t wait for it to come to pc hopefully eventually.

  16. This looks impressive, I've never seen most of the attacks of this machine because I always kill them stealthy from far away with 2-3 shots (normal mode) as I do with nearly all machines. No style and rather boring, but safe and fast with very few ressources needed.

  17. That's how I play most games, normally. Depends on how vital info is to have, but yea, usually play without.

  18. "with style" using only the standard how for mots of the time and not even draw arrows long enough to get decent damage.

  19. Idk how u made this video but the fact that you didn’t use tear blast arrows on its weapons and instead used the weakest ones bothers me so much

  20. The lack of destroyed/teared machine parts in this fight is making me lose my mind but nice dodging tho, sliding under the tremortusk and jumping over the electric shockwave looked cool.

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