what's a good projector to replace the epson 2100, looking at the ls12000 and 11.

  1. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out if those were legs, or arms on furniture. They look so... stiff and bony

  2. If your willing to spend $5,000 on an LS12000 then you should spend an extra $1,000 for the Sony XW5000ES ($6,000). It’s a significant upgrade. And if you are willing to spend $6,000 on the Sony, you should spend an extra $1,000 to buy the JVC RS1100 ($7,000). It’s DTM and contrast are a big upgrade from the Sony.

  3. Haha this right here. I feel like you have to just decide what you are willing to spend and pick the projector at that price. You pretty much get what you pay for at each level up to $7000. The Sony XW5000ES is a reasonable choice for someone with a fixed 16:9 screen.

  4. I was willing to spend $4000 on the LS11000 but you've made me realized at this point it's basically idiotic to not just go for the $7000 JVC RS1100

  5. As it happens I have a 5040 and am looking at upgrading to LS12000. What’s the most significant change you see between them?

  6. I love the 5050ub! After a year and a half I still look at it in awe! Especially with black velvet screen masking. Which I also recommend.

  7. I used your area rug to upholster a fence post for my big cat to scratch up. It took me a minute to realize why I recognized it 😸

  8. I always feel like good budget advice is be on the lookout for used JVC projectors, or new old stock stuff. If you're going to be swinging by the AVS forums, look at what the users there are selling, chances are PRETTY GOOD you'll wind up with the best possible black levels in home projection at a relatively low price.

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