What is Better Quality?

  1. The 1080p blu-ray disc is better quality, but in some scenarios I could see someone preferring the 4k streaming because of the HDR. Also, some older blu-rays are absolutely terrible and hardly look better than DVDs.

  2. I like 4k blu ray, but on a rare ocassion, a disc will develop an issue, even though you can't actually see any sort of scratch or blemish after cleaning.

  3. Totally agree- blu ray for the win. Look into Starlink internet- I’m in the sticks too. But now I get between 75 and 200 Mbs now. Was delivered in 2 weeks. A little costly but a game changer man. Cheers

  4. A regular 1080 blu ray with upscaling to 4k via your player or tv is gonna look better than a 4k streaming version of it. You lose HDR which may be available in the stream but picture quality will be better on disc. Also audio quality is massive difference. So if you have a HT setup. You are doing a disservice not to use the disc’s lossless audio.

  5. I was actually amazed by the difference in sounds quality between the highest quality streaming and (uhd 4K) blue Ray. You would think that Atmos is Atmos, but men was I wrong.

  6. Are the Blu-ray disk and player both Ultra HD/4K? If so, that. There are some weird issues out there, like the Xbox Series X, so this can be complicated.

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