I give up

  1. Goto Florida and volunteer. I'm heading there with another hobo. Gonna volunteer, do some pier work, smoke some weed, and maybe get to watch the artemis moon rocket take off next month. All my possessions fit into a backpack but some of the people down there don't even have that. My contact with salvation army told me that she can provide food, shelter, and gear. The gear is stuff coming out of places like the sporting good stores that are damaged but useful. I'm train hopping there. It's going to rewarding and fun. I'm excited.

  2. Ok Portland is sounding pretty good to me. But if some that have been there for the winter months some advice would be appreciated. Like I’m on foot and I’ll have very little money left when I get there after a bus ticket so sleeping and eating would be a concern till I could snag a job

  3. Don’t go to Portland. If being robbed by druggies while you sleep is a concern of yours, then Portland is a terrible idea. I’d avoid the west coast all together.

  4. You don't want to go to Portland. It's pretty but it's really expensive and the homeless situation is ridiculous. They're actively looking to "fix" the homeless situation, but that really means they're looking to bulldoze the tent cities that pop up.

  5. That’s what I did and I’m doing now. I’ve walked almost 80 miles the last 3 days and been stopped by cops around 7 times already. And when I stop in a store to buy some food and water guess wha harassed. I’m like I’m not gonna steal it I can pay for it. Guess the figure I’m walking and homeless I have no money granted I don’t have a fortune but I do have a few hundred dollars I’ve managed to save over the past few months working. Camping gear is a free soldier 10x10 lightweight camping tarp and a klymit static v insulated sleeping pad and my sleeping bag.

  6. Maybe try to get to Quartzsite, AZ for the January 2023 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, where it would be easier to find someone you can be a Road Dog for (non-driving companion).

  7. If you think about Arizona look up Martin Bower, its a food processing warehouse and delivery. They have hire on bonus 19 hr to start and full benefits.

  8. I'm praying for you have faith and know that God can make a way where there's no way no weapon formed against you shall prosper

  9. How is Arizona? I’m not opposed to going anywhere as long as I can find work and local druggies don’t try to rob me while I sleep

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