Had my things stolen at a shelter today...

  1. Thank you. I really hope so. The social worker in charge said that he doesn't get involved in these situations, because apparently there have been many. But she did it all on camera.. So hopefully that's enough

  2. I agree. That's the nail in the coffin for me. Never again. She also tried to spin some story about how I was the one stealing from her to the other woman staying here. I've been sharing food, giving her bus fare and all kinds of shit. Blows my mind. But also doesn't.

  3. Yes...Keep to yourself, and just work on you. Gets really bad and you jave your own vehicle, youll realize real fast how friendly or not people can be. Gawd forbid you smoke cigarettes and these "friends" never have any. Lol

  4. The sad part is that I've learned, you can't even trust people that say they are going to or trying to help you. 3 times I trusted people that said I could stay with them just to end up on my ass in the end anyways. One time the guy just wouldn't answer his phone and shit when I was trying to get him to come help us move in as we don't have a car. He basically begged my wife and I to come stay with him so I stopped paying my hotel so I could have some money for him then got kicked out of the hotel and never moved in with him. Reached out to another friend who said we could come stay with them, we did and then she moved out and we were stuck with her ex and he didn't like us cuz we were her friends so we had to get out. Then we moved in with my wife's brother for like a week and then that ended poorly and now here we are again trying to survive night to night at a motel. All of this was in the past year.

  5. Right. First time I was honest about my situation to anyone. And probably the last. Even posting about it here you get shit tons of scam messages.

  6. I've been stuck homeless for about 6-7 years now had my shit stolen so much I've learned that if someone steals your shit you let someone too close but at the same time you've got to be social

  7. I think we all learn the hard way in this life. It takes a lot to get to the point of not trusting anyone. And we usually get there when someone does something like this to us. Don't stay down on yourself about it. We've all been suckered by someone. Everybody plays the fool. No exception to the rule.

  8. So sorry, yeah, it’s a hard rule, but I always keep all cash, id and such on a lightweight neck wallet on me with my phone to avoid that situation. The one I have now can be had at dollar tree for $1.25. The color sticks out, so I wear it under my shirt. It’s uncomfortable, but has saved me in the past when I was homeless. They’ve had them there for a decade or so.

  9. My first and only time trusting somebody was actually a friend of mine I knew for years and I ended up homeless and living in my car dude literally tried to steal my car and trying to steal my money. I'm sorry this happened to you hopefully you can get most of your items back.

  10. Get your ID and SS CARD BACK! Money is prolly gone but she can really fuk you with that information. TBH sounds like as ass whopping cause she now has control over your information. Confront her, stand up do not back down, call the Police let her KNOW its on camera and she needs to give you the information back.

  11. I'm only waiting because I have a warrant for failure to appear in court. Nothing huge, just an old ticket I never took care of. Contacting the police would probably cause them to run my name and find it. I'll have to spend a day in jail until I can see a judge and get it sorted. However don't have a day off until Tuesday and don't want to miss work, or be stuck there for the weekend.

  12. Sorry this happened to you. Try and keep your head up thought. I was homeless for about 7 years and just get an apartment with section 8 about month and half ago.

  13. This is so fucked up. Staying in a shelter now I just kinda know to keep all my important things like chargers, ids, and money on my person. I hope everything works out. The shelter should definitely kick her out. I know mines reimburses you for things people steal.

  14. People will take advantage of you regardless of whether it's survival or not. The woman in question didn't need my money. She had enough to sustain an apartment the moment she received her ssi.

  15. Lmao, no pipe to lay, it's a women's shelter. She played herself off as a harmless, slightly religous older lady and I guess I bought it. Was sleeping in my storage unit prior to this, but just had some immediate things on me and had come straight back after work since transit shuts down too early to make both trips.

  16. Dollar tree had these $1 window buzzers. It goes off when the magnet is separated. Put one end on your bag and the other on something around you when you sleep. When the bag is moved it makes a loud noise. Maybe a thought.

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