1. Russellville Arkansas. And the work part is spot on no good paying places are hiring, and the places that are hiring you can’t survive after taxes because 70% of the jobs here are temp jobs and won’t work you more than 30hrs a week. So they don’t have to give you benefits or vacation days.

  2. i was originally from arkansas, then moved to tennessee. firstly, russellville sucks. even places like jonesboro are better. im well acquainted with jonesboro and can tell you there are places you can camp for CHEAP legally that also has showers and bathrooms available(craighead park). there are also a bunch of church programs there believe it or not. plenty of work there. i was homeless in memphis for a year. i joined the military(i would strongly encourage you to consider doing that if you are eligible; it saved my life). if that’s not in your cards, maybe nashville? there are shelters and jobs there, not incredibly high crime/homeless and most people are friendly. the only issue is that it will get cold in the south during winter as i’m sure you are aware. the only redeeming quality of places like california or florida are the warm weather. speaking of though, florida just had a major disaster and i’m sure there are going to be an excess of jobs restoring and cleaning up there. just some things to consider. best of luck

  3. I would say Colorado. It will be cold here soon. Sometimes even sooner. But I'm planning to head out of here myself. Make sure to have a knife or walking stick.

  4. If your really looking for work find your nearest FedEx. They hire felons, no drug test, no interview even, pay day is every Friday. I can't say specifically what the pay would be in your neck of the woods but my hub starts at $18.50/hr I've been with FedEx for almost 2 months and I love it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart but nothing about this lifestyle is might as well make some money with your time. For my location turn around time from application to call to schedule your orientation (paid) is about 2 days.

  5. I’ll definitely check in on that. Do they hire for different positions or just drivers. My problem is I have no DL they are suspended lol

  6. I've lived in a terrorist town. In Missouri. They are a trap. They are designed to be great places to visit, but they are almost always horrible places to live unless you are at the top of the economic food chain kind of raking in all that tourist money. Employees are usually paid terribly, and prices are usually quite high. I strongly recommend against this. And I strongly recommend against hanging out in Missouri past January 1st when the new nasty anti-homeless law goes into effect.

  7. Head South warmer weather seasonal job market. Along the coast between Fl and Ala is beautiful not many homeless and there are places to camp out, IDK what job you are looking for but there is always physical help needed around those areas.

  8. I’m originally from bama. I’d rather not go back there lol. Just say I don’t want to run into people I once knew and get caught up and end up back in bad stuff. I’ve worked hard to stay clean for almost 16years . But yes southern Alabama is beautiful

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