first night homeless at 21 yrs old. any advice?

  1. Watch who you think you can trust. When I was around your age I began my journey to homelessness and the one thing that I wish somebody had told me is that not everyone out here is your friend.

  2. I'm just starting out being homeless too. I was lucky enough to get some side jobs, enough to get some camping gear until I get back on my feet. Keep your head up, find a job, any job, apply for food stamps. Sending you positive energy.

  3. What will happen if police think you're hiding? I thought it was better to not be seen and pick the darkest places possible. I'm in southern California in the safest city in cali luckily, and I have a job currently. Thank you for the advice

  4. Have you checked the guide at the beginning of this forum that is comprehensive and systematic to help refer you to resources? The guide is at

  5. Ask a church to see if you can leave you're most important items, and use a smaller one for the things you will likely need for the day.

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