About to be homeless in Baltimore. I got some camping gear, tell me what you think of my kit. any resources y'all know about in Baltimore?

  1. Keep on the move. Pack light. Get a storage unit , learn to sleep in the day and if you have too explore and go canning at night and take to your storage unit , Apply right now for section 8 everywhere. Everywhere. All across the country. When they call you. Go live there for a year and then transfer it anywhere in the USA invest in a wind turbine portable charger for the phone , get a storage unit. It will save you the headache and stress

  2. Good idea with the storage unit. Looks like they have 5x5 units for pretty cheap near me. Wind turbine phone charger? Wow I'll have to look into that. I was thinking of order a small solar panel, but I'll research both.

  3. That sleeping bag you mentioned set off a red flag for me. You're in Baltimore. It's about to me winter. The winter weather is going to laugh at your sleeping bag and freeze you in it.

  4. I grew up in Baltimore, was homeless a few times (prepped and no) and I wouldn't deign to stay anywhere within the city limits. It's far too saturated and dangerous. Maybe the northern neighborhoods.

  5. I got LEDs lights too. 2 flashlights and a small flood light. I bought the hurricane lamp mainly as a cheap heat source. And yeah I'm gonna upgrade the bag or or get more blankets. Proper sleeping pad is also on the list. Im gonna dm you about the hidey spots.

  6. Theres tons of nice woodz where you won’t be bothered between Baltimore City and bwi. You can take the train out there. In fact right around the bwi Amtrak station there’s lotz of nice woods. Look around on google maps for desirable spots

  7. As others have said: the bag is inadequate. Get a bigger bag that can go outside the one you already bought., and a shell for the outside of the bag to keep condensation from dripping on the bag and soaking it. Wool blankets can save your life. You -need- a real pad, self inflating. Watch out you don't accidentally poke any holes in it. The kerosene lamp idea is not going to work, you'll wind up gassed out and coughing if the tent is tight or if you ventilate the heat will just go up and out. Speaking of ventilation; the byproduct of burning propane is -water-. You'll be tempted to use that little propane stove to help provide some heat. If you do, you can wind up soaking your bag and gear and having ice all over everything. Then theres the obvious dangers of fire, lack of oxygen... bottom line do not ever go to sleep with anything burning in the tent, for multiple reasons.

  8. If you’re still planning on doing this, I know some spots in Baltimore that will keep you safer. Avoid East and west Baltimore at all costs. Stick to the north central neighborhoods. There’s lots of spots you can camp and stay hidden along the Jones falls trail, especially near the zoo.

  9. Right on the top of Remington under the 29th st bridge is a good spot there are multiple areas to stay dry. Also at the end of Mike’s Ave behind the school there is a walking trail on one side if the creek. The other side has all kinds of meadows and no trail. I camped there for about 3 weeks back when I was riding trains.

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