any suggestions for showers

  1. Depending on where you are they may have day shelters that offer free showers certain times of the day. I have personally also used rec center showers ($6 near me) and truck stops ($15 for private bathroom for 90 mins). Best of luck Edit: also gym membership!

  2. Gym membership. Also I tried to find places with single person bathrooms you can lock yourself in and take clothes off and wash my pits and privates. Staying fairly clean is important because trying to walk around once you have a rash is awful.

  3. If you mean those bags you hang up with the showerhead, they stink. Better off with sponge bath til you get to a real shower. If you have cash I have seen some battery powered pumps that actually give a bit of pressure if you have a vehicle to haul it.

  4. Sometimes the dumpster enclosures behind restaurants have a hot water tap, these can be very handy. I remember when I was first homeless there was one that was in a very discreet spot yet still in the middle of downtown. It was common for there to be a line for that one.

  5. 25 dollars a month to go to any planet fitness in the country. Most are open 24/7. You can exercise, use the shower facilities, and and that also includes free tanning, if that's your thing.

  6. I recently built myself an outside shower. I used a 5 gallon bucket and some fittings from the hardware store. And scrap lumber and tin that was being thrown away. I I heat the water on the fire and boom, hot showers!

  7. Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but when I used to hop trains I'd always stop at different gas stations like Loves or Shell, the showers ridiculously expensive, but often I was able to ask some drivers if they'd be willing to give me a free shower (at some gas stations they have a "buy x amount for gas and get a free shower" deal and lots of truckers would rack up like 3 showers a day and give one to me). Sometimes these places provide soap, most often not. You can get some soap samples at different stores, I also (and I DO NOT recommend this unless you are absolutely desperate cause it can make you very sick and hurt you) used to get those single tide pod samples from like Walmart and go into a shower with all of my belongings and break the tide pod on my bag of clothes and use any excess suds to wash myself. Again not the best plan but definitely something. Lots of truckers are nice and understanding people and would be happy to help you shower!

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