from fairhope al, homeless and have nothing but a bag with a few thing in it. Is their any way to get food without any local government support.

  1. If you tell people at the food place your situation, they may look the other way or have special bags for items that don't need cold storage and cooking for unhoused people. If not, try telling people in line your situation. Look for soup kitchens or church meals. It depends where you are, but some places may have other items to offer to take with you.

  2. We don't have either, churches here don't provide homeless meals or anything, I've checked all that and it isn't an option

  3. You may want to try contacting some of the church's in your town. If they have food they will probably give you some without making you identify yourself. Check online to see if there is a local Food Not Bombs group that serves public meals. They are more common in liberal or college towns.

  4. If this person goes to Emmy's on Fairhope Ave they can help, I also mentioned the unmanned food pantry behind O'Reilly's on Greeno Rd.

  5. No, we don't have any local shelter for those who are men homeless at 19, the only one here is for women with children.

  6. I would ask literally every business, food oriented or not, before stealing.' Is there anything I can do for a little food?' i'd ask at non food businesses for the fact that it would be a quick no, sorry, or they might hand a couple dollars. In rare cases but it would happen, they'd find a task. But if you're saying jail is ok because they feed you, I can't argue with what you deem best for yourself, but I bet visiting the mission, churches, food stamp office, etc, someone will know how to get qualified for assistance.

  7. GO TO THE FOOD BANK ANYWAYS. Sorry for all caps. In person. Ask what you can do to get proof of address as being homeless. You're not going to be the first person with no address to go to the food bank.

  8. There are several unmanned food pantries in Fairhope. I know of one specifically behind O'Reilly's on Greeno Rd. It is not always full, but several people try to regularly tend to it. PLEASE give it a try. If it doesn't have something right now, I promise it will by the end of the day tomorrow. I also know that the one in Barnwell is supposed to be FULL.

  9. This guys faking being homeless to try to get attention, look at his profile he says he bought a brand new Xbox last week and owns a high end gaming PC

  10. Try a church. Where I'm at people stop at parks to help homeless people. With food or clothes. Go fishing. Or keep stealing til they take you to jail. Then you will have food.

  11. Ok. I get it. You can't get assistance in Alaska without proving residency. No SNAP, No UI... Alaska doesn't want to help you if you aren't a resident.

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