HMB while I flex.

  1. I had the pleasure of learning that every single time I fucked up as a kid. Nothing makes you strong like twenty years of moving dirt and lumber on top of drinking a bottle of cheap whiskey daily for 40 years.

  2. The comedian Christopher Titus had a really funny bit from the '90s called Old man strength where teenage Christopher thought that his blue collar older father was lazy because he was always napping in his recliner after work. after a teenage fight, Christopher decides to physically confront his father and it turns out" Dad wasn't lazy. He was just resting." Dad had apparently old man's strength and knocked his ass into the driveway

  3. I was expecting it to not really weigh anything and somebody was going to grab it and slap themselves in the face

  4. I was thinking there was some kind of magnet under the table that he switched on after he finished lmao

  5. Same. Like those videos of somebody getting their dad to put their face above a water bottle, then the person squeezes the water bottle and it splashes the dad‘s face.

  6. The real fun comes when you take a full length sledgehammer and hold it in your outstretched arm, and use your wrist to touch it to the tip of your nose and back up

  7. Lol my dad used to challenge the high school kids who helped do farm work to do this. He would do it easily then the ones who played football would fail miserably. My brother and I would sit in the shop and practice to kill time when we were bored. We could never make it to the absolute tip of the handle on a 10lb maul.

  8. We do this at work, its always fun when the young ones think theyre big shit and end up jumping out of the way of 14lbs of steel headed straight for their nose

  9. I used to be able to do it with a 12lb sledge but I can barely hold my 14” cast iron skillet with one hand nowadays. I always joke that us millennials were built cheap.

  10. Part of it is hand grip strategy too. You can't just rely on your thumb, gotta wrap those fingers all the way around the other side for better grip overall. Longer fingers/bigger hands would help here.

  11. I had a HS shop teacher do this with a stool, holding it by one of the metal legs. No one else in the class could even get it to budge like the first failed attempt here.

  12. Yup. People talking about grip or wrist strength won't understand that this is all forearm. Peep them shits on the first guy. Looks like he plays in the NHL.

  13. There's a vid going around of a dude lifting a gold bar like this. If you lift it you can keep it. Bet this dude could do it.

  14. We used to do something like this but it was touching the tip of your nose with the splitting edge of a maul while keeping your arm perfectly straight. I could do it a decade ago, but I’m sure my shoulder won’t let me now. Not with out splitting my forehead open at least

  15. This reminds me of a story from a summer job I had after college where a friend and I worked with some boilermakers. We lifted weights and my buddy considered himself a strong guy. We were having beers after work and my buddy was feeling tough and started talking shit. A rather skinny boilermaker challenged him to arm wrestle for the tab. He accepted and thought he was gonna murder this guy as he was much smaller.

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