NHL Logo colour swaps. I spent the last few days trying to make everyone unhappy

  1. Philadelphia looks like an under saturated version of their logo and Pittsburgh looks like an over saturated version

  2. The Islanders & Canes I feel didn't really change while the Rangers suddenly got Mets colors. I'm not really happy with that.

  3. It gives me no pleasure to report that the Avs logo in Wild colors kinda slaps. The yellow trim in particular is super well applied.

  4. Gold shark actually looks awesome. Imagine it on the blackout jerseys and I think it would work (just don't wear it while playing VGK)

  5. Disagree, the gold and black Sharks logo looks like an anniversary patch or something. Doesn’t bug me nearly as much as the teal and orange has got to make those Knights’ fans’ blood boil.

  6. Seriously, even if they used the Pens colors that would make it the Columbus Crew Jackets. This is the most painful color swap possible. Well done

  7. The Wings have been pretty active for Pride, doing multiple events last year. Someone with Photoshop skills should tweak it to the Pride colors and send it to the team as an idea. I'd love to get some merch with a Pride Winged Wheel on it!

  8. Yeah thought that too, yours looks sick. Ours looks like one they'd use on a city connect jerseys or something like that, with the light blue and red in the Chicago flag and stars.

  9. I thought this would be funny. Saw that you used mild colors for the Avs. Audibly said “You son of a bitch”.

  10. It’s such a shame because the wild logo looks good with the Avs colours but the Avs logo just looks like it came from a printer on its last drip of ink.

  11. I threw up in my mouth at your colors. I was at my local Gym working out when you guys won it all, never been more heartbroken aside from the Vikings.

  12. Maybe I'm biased but I wasnt a fan of that color swap. I do like the dark and broody maple leafs logo though.

  13. Hard disagree, weirdly enough. I love the "city connect" Chicago themed gear the team's put out recently, and think it actually fits that vibe really well.

  14. Yeah, I'm confused. I thought this was supposed to make us unhappy? Yet OP doesn't swap us with Hawks and gives us a logo we already do and love.

  15. I’m surprised an oiler fan didn’t say the red yellow and white was the best color combination of all time now that it’s attributed to your team

  16. Finally, something Bruins and Habs fans can agree on. Our logos look like shit in opposing colors.

  17. I thought I hated the Oilers navyblue and orange because it was Oilers, but it turns out its just fuckugly. Good to know, thanks for throwing this together OP.

  18. While I guess there is a small blue outline in the Blackhawks logo, it feels off using it as a colour for this

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