Playoff Game Thread: Game 6 - Colorado Avalanche (3 - 2) at Tampa Bay Lightning (2 - 3) - 26 Jun 2022 - 08:00PM EDT

  1. Last minute. Two close calls on icing. The first one was called even though the player made no attempt to get back. The second one could have actually been an icing, but another leisurely skate back and the ref called it off. I found that funny.

  2. Looking for a specific clip: about 30 seconds before he took the penalty, McDonagh shoves somebody to the ice with one hand without even looking at them. Right at the circle. Can anyone provide this?

  3. As others have pointed out two consecutive championships is not a dynasty in any sport. Even though making three consecutive championships is a hell of an accomplishment that shouldn't be downplayed, calling this team a dynasty would be underselling the term dynasty.

  4. Two championships has never been considered a dynasty in any sport, at any level. The minimum number of cups for dynasty teams recognized by the HHoF is 4. Seventeen teams have won the Stanley cup back to back. Were they all dynasties? Because I'm willing to bed good money you can't name half of those teams.

  5. Hot take: reading some comments on Reddit of Colorado being the next Tampa because of their roster. Any thoughts on this?

  6. The core is there for at least a few years. And Sakic has proven he can build around that core. Even if they lose Kadri and/or Nichushkin they will remain competitive for a few years to come. But winning a championship in any sport is no easy feat. Colorado will be in the "favorite to win" talks for the foreseeable future. But anything can happen. Excited for the next few years for sure!

  7. Feels like this is the same thing that happened when the Chiefs won their SB. Winning b2b cups is hard as shit as-is, gotta take that 1 step at a time.

  8. Colorado has to re-sign like half of the roster, Joe will probably find a way to keep the critical pieces...but it's not like they are all signed for 2023 already

  9. The problem is we have no way of keeping this roster. Kadri, Nuke, Burakovsky- they are all free agents who are going to get offered the max or near enough. We can probably keep 1 of them, and its going to sting. Luckily we still have multiple super stars on the team, but it would take people taking less money to stay here and go for another cup rather than taking the huge pile of cash. I wouldn't blame any of them for taking the pile. They fucking earned it! But I'd also love to see them all back next year :_(

  10. I think they are good but tampa was also so beat by this point, they are an amazing team. I do want to see good teams play well, the Chicago/LA team that traded cups back in the early 2010s were amazing

  11. One day it will come to Canada.....................................................................................................

  12. I will freely admit I predominantly do not have sports guilt, but after watching 40+ years of amazing NHL awesomeness. with every team being 70+% Canadian.... a little guilt creeps in.

  13. Ah…the feeling of knowing that’s it’ll be nothing but baseball and soccer for the next 2.5 months from here on out…

  14. It could have been the world cup too but it isn't, for reasons that AREN'T corruption, I've been told

  15. Bro why did the announcers laugh so hard that the Leafs have the second best odds at the cup for next year. Some serious fucking disrespect there lol

  16. I mean it sounds like this whole series has been a wild rollercoaster for the team. Colorado was a team that finally was what I think the better team. Just be crazy to finally come up against a team that was better than your yea for e first time in like two or three years

  17. At least ABC/ESPN does a better with hockey than they do basketball. Nothing about their coverage really bugs, whereas almost everything about their basketball coverage annoys the hell out of me.

  18. That’s why I hope that the TNT SCF games can at least be simulcast OTA in the home team markets…

  19. Random, but did anybody see a Lightning player shove one of the linesmen around the blueline after no icing was called? It was around Kucherov's rage fit

  20. Why the FUCK IS Cooper on TV at all right now let alone for like 10 minutes straight after an opposing team just won a Cup??

  21. Yeah I already liked him (especially because of the genius idea to use Virginia as motivation after losing to Columbus), but that interview made me like him so much more.

  22. Yeah, honestly people like to complain about coaches a lot but he’s well spoken and isn’t coming out here with joker takes or excuses. He cares about his team and he wanted them to win not for him but for themselves.

  23. ABC with nice Stanley Cup coverage They're interviewing everybody and not showing commercials NBC would have left after five minutes of the cup ceremony

  24. I really wish TNT had the Cup Finals. They'd be ragging on that dent, poking fun at it and having fun with the interviews, etc.

  25. The team with a gay governor beat the team with the most homophobic governor in the country during pride!!! Do better Florida. We have faith you can knock that hate down.

  26. I feel like someone will post it eventually. That's going to be a talking point and will go down in the annals of Stanley Cup history ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  27. To be clear, Corey Perry won the cup in 2007. The story is less dramatic with that fact so they haven’t said it

  28. Why do I feel like Bettman is at home watching and is flipping out over that dent like your typical movie's uptight school principal/college dean

  29. Gotta love interview stuff like this. Imagine being one of the players they dropped watching this when he talks about drafting younger and more aggressive lol

  30. Question: how do you get over losing the cup. Bc I’m watching this postgame 1. Bc it was an amazing but sad series and 2. This is Self Harm

  31. Watch some highlights from the last couple runs you had, at least your team has won cups. Watch some highlights from the last few seasons, you've had a lot to cheer for.

  32. Only one team gets it each year. Very few teams get it in back to back years. Even fewer teams are favorites to go to the SCF year after year for so many years in a row. I know it’s hard in the moment, but this is kind of one of those classic moments where you’ll look back and wish you had just focused on how good the times were on the moment. I know it’s hard to back up and take that view, but you’ll someday long for these moments when your team eventually has a couple down seasons. You have a great team and a great coach and that isn’t going anywhere. Have a drink, relax, get ready to suit up for next season

  33. Bunch of jealous bitches hating on blonde women in this thread. Imagine if y’all said that about any other type of women you’d all get banned.

  34. I think it's more a comment on the players' tastes. You can see what qualities in a partner are most important to them...

  35. Avs players just all coincidentally ended up marrying twin sisters from a family of 24... Dont ask questions, it's not weird...

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