Playoff Game Thread: Game 2 - Tampa Bay Lightning (0 - 1) at Colorado Avalanche (1 - 0) - 18 Jun 2022 - 06:00PM MDT

  1. I peeked at this thread then spent 10 minutes trying to find the bench clearing brawl that caused 15 penalties at 15:38 in the 3rd.

  2. In my experience the same people that complain about the cold in NY state are the first to complain about the heat when they move to Florida.

  3. That’s okay. Polis (governor of Colorado) was on the news Wednesday and when asked about the mayor of Tampa suggesting a bet he replied something like “what does Tampa even have that we would ever want? I thought it was all swamp”

  4. Snow is banger anyway, winter is easily the best season, closely followed by fall. Why life in infinite summer Florida

  5. This was a much happier 7-0 Avs playoff game than the WCF game 7 against Detroit 20 years ago.

  6. I’ll never forget that one. Those teams and that rivalry was literally unrivaled. Two decades later I am happy you guys are about to stop tampa from 3-peating.

  7. Think Tampa beats either without much issue. Would honestly put money on most of the east playoff teams against them

  8. Fun Fact: Colorado has scored a touchdown in a game in 8 consecutive series over the last three post-seasons; twice vs the coyotes in back to back games. Avs did Miss the extra point in both Blues series and vs the stars.

  9. If Tampa had won Game 1 this wouldn't be that big of a deal; this game was the quintessential "bad day at work" game that happens to all the best teams.....But they didn't win Game 1, and against this team, I don't know if they'll come back.

  10. The AVS are a straight monster of a team. Just so fuckin fast. When they play that way I don't see many teams even coming close to a win vs em. I think this is gonna be a great series tho.

  11. I know everybody wants to shit on Vasy for this loss but remember that the final score was 7-0. The bolts did almost nothing on offense. They could only generate 16 shots all of which they failed to capitalize on. The only thing the bolts did okay today was keeping the Avs shots at 30, but even then I wonder how much of that was the Avs taking their foot off the gas towards the end.

  12. That's exactly what I thought going into this series, Vasy might be the best goalie in the league but Colorado is still going to put up at least 3, probably 4, a night. Can Tampa score that many to keep them afloat? Well we've gotten our answer.

  13. 7 goals brought to you by Walmart. Brought to you by that kroenke walmart owned fuck trash team. Get it? Because Walmart is trash. LOL your downvotes can’t hurt me. BOLTS IN 7

  14. Rangers fans on this thread seem to love piling on the most. I wasn't going to say this cause I'm not don't like generalizing people. But I went to game 6. We had one "shoot the puck" guy in our whole section. It was a Rangers fan.

  15. You have to understand “Shoot the puck!” Is a religion in nyc. As soon as we find a lineup that actually listens for once, I promise we’ll stop.

  16. I bet my friends that if Cale got a hatty in this series I’d eat nothing but mayo chicken until the end of the season, so I’m safe for tonight.

  17. I have two buddies, one a Tampa fan and one an avs fan, the Tampa fan’s take going into this series was “colorado hasn’t faced a real goal all playoffs”. My man doesn’t have a leg to stand on now haha

  18. Nuke went from 0 goals in a season to riding shotgun with Nathan Mackinnon and dropping 3 goals in the SCF.

  19. retroactively everyone is literally being forced to look back and ask how fucking good were the blues/wild this year lol

  20. You at least scored 6 goals to make it a barn burner. It could have easily ended like this a few times. The oilers are just like we were when Dallas beat us a few years ago.

  21. I’ll happily accept the salty downvotes, but how are so many rangers fans this upset? You only beat the pens because you hurt Crosby at the right time and played their third string goalie. You can’t say Tampa doesn’t deserve to be here when you didn’t even deserve the second round lmao

  22. Hate to see it. My team is out golfing so I'm just watching cause hockey, but this is not how this SCF is meant to go. Hope the Lightning do whatever blood sacrifice they need to do to get back into it.

  23. There was a flairless wonder I had a days long argument with who was adamant the Avs would be in for a 'rude awakening' when they faced either rangers or the Bolts in the finals.

  24. I don't know why the bolts didn't pull their goalie. They could have been part of history in being on the receiving end of the highest scoring shutout in SCF history.

  25. So many easy goals in one game is shocking. Few or none had players screening the goalie or miraculous deflections that no goalie could stop.

  26. Really hope he listens to his heart and not his agent. Of course other teams will offer you a bag, but you'll never be more happy than in Denver.

  27. One of those games where it sucked because it wasn’t competitive, but rocked because one team was so balls to the wall dominant

  28. to be fair, all his teammates are probably going drinking and he is still like 7 years away from being allowed to

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