Playoff Game Thread: Game 3 - Colorado Avalanche (2 - 0) at Edmonton Oilers (0 - 2) - 04 Jun 2022 - 06:00PM MDT

  1. Let's be honest... this is the matchup that we all wanted to see in the WCF. And unsurprisingly, this is the outcome I expected. I mean, yeah EDM might have the best top line in the league, but they are sorely lacking in depth scoring, defence and top tier goaltending.

  2. Yup. We are doing a good job clogging up their top line and because of that they don't have much to fall back on. It has been a great series for us. Depth has been clear.

  3. This feels a lot like the Panthers and the Lightning. You got one team who's a veteran, and the other team who's a naive tenderfoot.

  4. Man, Kane lost that game for the Oilers. They start the game in a high, get a quick goal, and then that hit just sucks all of the positive momentum out of their sails. They just never seemed to get it back.

  5. Kane is a douchebag. Crosschecks Kadri into the boards, and has the nerve to try to sell it like “what did I do”.

  6. Grab the brooms oilers fans, its time for you to be swept! We can watch the finals at a strip club together!

  7. To dive? Yes, apparently. 5 years in a row now is it that Colorado has led the league in penalty calls? I get it, they're playing the system of never JUST calling a dive, but have some self respect.

  8. I just tuned into the post game and legit thought the Oilers won at first. The crowd was huge and going bonkers for Gretzky.

  9. Besides us, who are the Oilers biggest rivals? Because I think this series (with all the shit talking between fans too) is gonna make things very salty between these two teams for a long time coming

  10. I don't see it brewing a rivalry here. Consensus among Oiler fans seems to be more that the Avs fans trying to start shit are genuinely crappy people. The fun banter that went on in the Flames and Kings series isn't here. The Avs fans just want to throw out personal insults and report Oilers fans to the suicide prevention thing. Honestly the worst fan base I have ever interacted with on here

  11. You need playoff bad blood. Canucks fans fucking despised the Blackhawks by the time 2011 rolled around. We still hate them (and even their players like Duncan Keith whose getting everything he deserves), to this day. Remember Stars/Oilers for years? Just playoffs.

  12. A rivalry takes time to and history to build. Fans shit talking each other on reddit doesn't matter. Its 16 year olds on reddit. I think next year the Oilers-Avs games might be heated but it will be forgotten in a year or two.

  13. I think they'd have to play a lot better than this to get a rivalry started, this is just humiliated goons being violent

  14. Oilers biggest issues are a ridiculously low team IQ and a coach that doesn't seem to be able to put a lid on the stupidity.

  15. They’ve got 2 world class offensive players and their coaching staff seemingly has decided that defense isn’t a real thing as a result

  16. I don't think you know Gretz very well. He is about the last person on the planet that you will hear saying anything bad about, or accusing, another player of something bad.

  17. This is the same old toxic take that has completely flooded this league over the last few years. Rarely, and I mean RARELY, do guys ever pre-meditate a hit with intent to hurt someone. Players are careless and make irrational decisions at times that lead to injuries. But enough with the “he intentionally hurt him” BS. It’s such a biased view.

  18. I wanna cheer for Colorado cuz I love Bryam but y’all Avs fans being mad doucey in the threads out here. Like chill y’all won and your team is nasty.

  19. I'm on the Hulu solar opposites side of this comment, because I can't see too many "douchey" avs fans. Just fans that are excited to be here once again.

  20. I’m genuinely curious as to what our fam base is doing? We are all just hyped as fuck and hope we aren’t being dicks

  21. Every year I think the refs have gotten to rock bottom, every year they find another few feet no one knew was there.

  22. I was so pumped after the first game, legit wanted it to go to at least 6. Now I’m just wanting to break out the brooms and get this series over with.

  23. Thanks for saying this. The salt from opposing teams has really sucked and it's not like we as fans wanted any of that either.

  24. So many miracle saves by Smith at least 3 or 4 that should have been in the net any other game. He kept this game within reach for the Oilers.

  25. The fact that people are saying Smith lost this game for EDM has me questioning my own sanity, because in the game I watched Smith is the only reason the score wasn’t closer to 7-2

  26. The Oilers are allowing 43 shots per game and providing no scoring support. Sure, .900 save % isn't ground breaking, but I feel it's more like Smith is getting Oiler'd.

  27. The team couldn't back Smith up. Only two players out there worth anything tonight were mcdavid and Smith.

  28. The Avs didn’t even play particularly well tonight. Far too much was frantic and sloppy passing, yet Edmonton couldn’t really threaten for the majority… and the moment they did then the Avs scored the GWG 5 seconds later.

  29. Yeah, Colorado was not at their best, but was able to grind it out on the road. A complete team this year. Edmonton definitely had their chances and wouldn't have surprised me if they had pulled it out.

  30. Because that would draw attention to it. Unwanted attention seeing as judging by no game misconduct and DoPS history, he likely won't be suspended.

  31. Eh, I don't like Drai but he's clearly a great player too, just held together with sports tape right now and it shows.

  32. Poor Washington fans. Not only is their team led by a Putin shill, but they have to live in a city full of crooks

  33. Well it's obvious the Oilers can't play with the Avs, but we need to think about the next round. And potentially being down one of our best players because of a dirty play by one of your goons isn't cool. Avs fans have a right to be pissed. Oilers are completely classless.

  34. I mean your shit team had to resort to hurting our players and it still didn't work. Probably pissed off some fans regardless of the series lead.

  35. Didn’t you see the Avs subreddit before the series started? Every Flames fan seems to have bandwagoned the Avs. Might explain something.

  36. They keep on saying how terrible we are as Avs fans and I’m so confused. I don’t see absolutely anything crazy. Not even really heavy shit talking…

  37. Being cautiously optimistic as an Avs fan. Against NYR or TB’s goalies, none of those weak ass goals go in and we probably don’t get the W. But sometimes it’s good to be a little lucky.

  38. On the other hand, Smith made some crazy ass saves tonight. 2 soft goals, yes, but only 3 allowed in 40+ shots.

  39. oilers would have had a chance in this game with out all the cheapshots and penalties. Get it through your heads. Your not going to get under the Avs skin. Its not going to happen.

  40. Playoffs are so much fun, but they truly bring out the worst in some fans, especially the ones sitting behind a screen it seems

  41. The amount of ref blaming by the oilers is bonkers. I didn't see one penalty that was even debatable, they were all fine calls.

  42. The last two game threads have shown me that there are a lot of people in this sub who need serious help. People on both sides calling for injuries, weirdos saying fucked up insults about Woodcroft and just a bunch of personal attacks. I think I might skip out on the rest of the playoffs on here

  43. Yeah it’s gotten really toxic and ugly in here on both sides. I usually enjoy the game threads because they’re more light hearted and level headed than the threads in the team subs but damn

  44. I really wish calling for/celebrating injuries got punished more harshly. Twitter is always full of that stuff too.

  45. These threads can be fun but they can also get pretty toxic depending on how the series goes

  46. Always a great idea. I don’t get on until after the games and it just makes me upset. I’ve been telling myself I need to stay off all the time, but the drama is just too juicy.

  47. Honest question...if you put the Oilers and the Flames together, best players, do they best the AVs? Watching how complete Colorado is it feels like an impossibility. If they don't win the cup this year I'll eat my hat.

  48. I don't think so, because the problem with both the oilers and the flames isn't a lack of talent, it's either a lack of discipline or just not giving a shit. Tbh, I can easily explain why the oilers are garbage against the avs, this is pretty much MO oilers hockey. I'm curious to know what happened with you guys though in the second round.

  49. Woodcroft easily the biggest bitch for sending his goons out there out of spite too. Most unlikeable team in the whole league top to bottom

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