Daily Discussion Thread 11/11/2022

  1. Only got to listen to it thrice yesterday but I want more. I don't know if I'll end up liking it more than magic but that's probably one of my favorite albums ever. I can already say it beats KD2 tho which was fucking great in its own right.

  2. Yeah I never understood either. I haven’t listened to him as much lately but Designer Drugz 3, Rich Hood, DMV, and Hood Champ were all quality

  3. I actually hope Amine does more with this hyperpop sound and continue off of twopointfive. He had a strong ear for production on that project and he made the length of the project short enough to leave you wanting more. So many catchy moments on it and an underrated album of 2021

  4. Totally forgot about that project wow. But I remember having Charmander on repeat for a couple weeks after it dropped

  5. Have any of you guys made music? Or just tried writing? In either a “I’m gonna be a rapper/producer” or just for the sake of just making stuff?

  6. Rapper producer, I find that I really tend to make music that I myself would enjoy, which of course pulls heavily from my inspirations. That being said, it’s a natural evolution (and good artistry) to slowly take those influences and both meld and add onto them til you get your own thing going :)

  7. I record raps for fun, although I wish I was making money from it. I produce the instrumentals too. I try to have an original style but when I listen to my own stuff it's weird because it doesn't sound like the music I usually listen too. I'd actually like to be able to make a trap beat or a boom Bap beat but I don't know how. As far as inspiration, I'm inspired whenever I hear a great verse or great production, it makes me think that I would love to be able to create something like that. Besides, I like to do creative stuff even if it's not rap, like writing fiction, drawing, animation, so rapping and producing is just another creative outlet.

  8. There was a period of a few years between 2019-2021 where I desperately wanted to be a professional rapper. There were a number of reasons I decided to just do it casually instead.

  9. when I was ten, me and my little sister wrote a two minute song about pavel bure. i wrote the lyrics and she played the drums on a plastic red sand bucket

  10. For the first question, I just make music occasionally at this point for fun, or to show friends. Tbh the more serious i took it, the less fun it was. Just felt like a job without money. Especially when i was trying to make music I didn't even like, like wtfs even the point lol.

  11. i was influenced by the shit i listened to bc it was a reflection of what i had known already , three 6 was a big influence

  12. I used to write a lot. Did it for a little in middle school but then got serious about it in high school. I used to love storytelling rappers like Slick Rick, Masta Ace, Insane Clown Posse, so a lot of songs I wrote was storytelling raps.

  13. I know I’ve been talking positively about Drake on “Her Loss” but 21 was a great artist to have on this project. Drake is more prominent on this record than 21 but 21 still had some great verses like Spin About U, Hours in Silence, Pussy and Millions, Circo Loco, Broke Boys, and On BS. Congrats to him and Drake getting above 400k first week

  14. 21 def adds such a dynamic vibe on every track he’s on, it’s insane. If there’s an MVP of this duo imo it’s the G.O.A.T of the U.K. Mr. 21 Savage. 💐💐

  15. What do you enjoy about it? Big Zel fan but I never find myself returning to this one often and if I do, I kind of lose interest before long.

  16. If Kanye ever harms himself, guaranteed you're gonna hear the media, and probably Reddit talk about how we should take mental health seriously, while being the same people who commented that his mental illness isn't real, or that he's faking it.

  17. We already have so much kanye discourse can we at least keep it to things that have actually happened and not weird hypotheticals

  18. I've not seen one single person say Kanye doesn't have mental illness or that he's faking it. In fact, I don't see how anyone could possibly question the fact that he's mentally ill. All I've seen is people saying that his mental illness doesn't excuse his behavior, which is true.

  19. Yeah I checked it out earlier today. I fw it but I will say I was a little disappointed and the most disappointing part to me was prolly the production. Drill came through but outside of a few tracks I thought it was kinda whatever on the production side, two of which that I loved the beat on were the Coupe produced ones. Best track to me was 32 Freestyle still which we been heard. I did come away with some shit that’s gon be in the rotation though like Imposter, Ocean, Mr.CBFW, Start to Hate, Dead N****, and MadMen

  20. I think it's so funny how Riff Raff will deliver a 100% nonsensical punchline as if it's the biggest zinger ever. Like in Neato when he says

  21. I feel like the easy way for chief keef to go back to being popular. He just needs to get big artists on the album and actually market it. This is literally what happened with thug with smf and punk.

  22. Yeah I feel like the only way we’re gonna hear him with big names artists is if they those artists reach out to him. I bet that’s what happened with Finally Rich which is the only album really of his with a stacked feature list.

  23. When I was younger, I watched this video, when they were talking about Drake vs Chris Brown and mentioned diss tracks, they played Big Sean for some reason, but younger me thought it was Drake, so I looked for a while for a Drake song with those lyrics and found nothing lol. I spent like almost 30 minutes cause I wanted to hear Drake diss Chris Brown lol. Chris actually did release a diss track over this beat where he does diss Drake lol.

  24. Someone who I never really got into was MF DOOM. I heard all caps on the boondocks but that was about it. I let all the dudes who made it seem like it was white people shit get in my head. I pressed play on MMM food and madvillainy. That’s a bad muthafucka right there gahdamn he could rap

  25. Someone already said it but he was at his hungriest on Operation Doomsday. When I listen to it sometimes I don’t hear DOOM just a mf RAW ass rapper

  26. Hi all, I'm having a really bad day and depression is destroying my life but I've been thinking of a great memory, one of my favorites, that I thought y'all would appreciate.

  27. Streaming became the new thing so music doesn’t last as long anymore because you can literally listen to anything you want all the time there’s always a market for new music immediately and they don’t have to pay. Before if an album was disappointing you probably wouldn’t buy the next one unless you heard singles you liked, nowadays people will probably check anyway because it’s free.

  28. It’s kinda always depended on the artist tho. Look at the Beatles in the 60s and how frequently they released full albums. The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their 3 studio LPs between May 1967 and October 1968 too

  29. Because music mostly being free and instantly accessible inherently means that it becomes more disposable and as a result the culture moves on faster. So I guess my answer to this would be that, waiting is no longer the norm because we no longer have to wait.

  30. I respect it. If you swap Kendrick for Big L/Big Pun or something like that... you could have posted this list 15 years ago and fit right in.

  31. Having Big and Pac over Nas is an outdated take and Nas discography far surpasses both at this point. With all due respect and RIP to the legends, we don't know if they would've lasted this long in music the same as Nas has.

  32. While they all are solid rappers, I couldn't learn a thing about your personality or what your own unique taste was

  33. Yo, does anyone know what the status of the Danny Brown/JPEGMAFIA collab is? Last I heard, their tweets about it were deleted or something, but I’m hoping something more positive has come out about it. Apologies if this has been asked in here recently; haven’t been keeping up

  34. On the podcast he's said multiple times stuff like "it's all over in 2023 for you motherfuckers". he is at least dropping his solo album and that ep/album

  35. Wow I forgot about this even being a thing they’ve been so silent on it 😅. Really hoping it actually happens tho, would be legendary

  36. It has potential to reach top 5. One thing it has going for it is its consistency. No weak valleys like even some of Nas' best albums have (Nas often has one completely out of place wack song per album post Illmatic).

  37. Loved all the songs but I wish he gave some reprise from the continuous stream of rapping, imo it might be more difficult for a casual listen than KD2 or Magic. I could see one of KD2 and KD3 ending up top 5 though if they can overpower the classics on God’s Son

  38. Really been sleeping on Quelle Chris until last week or so, when I put on DEATHFAME. Now I’m going through the discog and really appreciating his genius. One of the best in the underground right now no doubt

  39. Man, innocent country 2 is one of my favourite albums from the last few years. Chris keys went crazy on the production as well

  40. Mac for sure, all of his music is great but I feel like he was really reaching his true potential towards the end of his life. I’m always gonna wonder what kind of amazing music we would’ve gotten. RIP til infinity 🕊

  41. Proof, Camu Tao, and Big L, for the sams reason you listed. Camu Tao didn't even get to complete his debut album. Some of the tracks off King of Hearts are just the hook like

  42. I slept mad comfortably last night with total peace of mind knowing my personal GOAT delivered a 4th album in 2 years with no features and all 16 tracks are heat

  43. It's so interesting to see how time passing makes legends show their true colors. Nas has NOTHING left to prove. He dropped, arguably, the greatest hip-hop album of all time as a teenager. Now he's 49 years old still pushing himself. He loves the craft so much and it comes through in everything he does, even when it doesn't hit.

  44. Love how E-40 literally has nothing to prove but keeps dropping songs, projects and features. I love that he just seems to love making music, Curren$y too.

  45. KD1-3 and Magic is arguably the most insane 2 year run in the history of the genre, especially when you consider the context of his age and how late in his career this all happened.

  46. Listening to old thug leaks and man this dude was fucking amazing. During his 2014-16 run. Wish we could get more of that. It's fucking sad how we never got metro thuggin or hitunes. Luckily someone compiled leaks from 2014-2015 to give us what metro thuggin would have sound like.

  47. I'm halfway through King's Disease 3, and I'm absolutely blown away by this album. I was already expecting a good album but I was absolutely not expecting anything on this level. The production is top notch and Nas is in full form. There have been no skips so far. And if the 2nd half is as good as the first, this project may very well end up being in my top 3 or 5 releases of the year.

  48. I love J Cole's strategy. Be radio silent for like 6 months, announce mid-week you're dropping a project on Friday, drop the tracklist and cover 24 hours before, then the project.

  49. i think if you're pretty popular, u should announce 2-3 months in advance and have 2-4 singles and sell physical albums in the first week

  50. I got a library card recently and first book that caught my eye was Beastie Boys Book and I checked it out immediately. There are so many crazy anecdotes from the book and I wanted to share some of my favorites

  51. My favorite story is the one where (I think) Ad Rock is detailing this absurd outfit he has on in a picture, and at the very end he’s like but look behind me at Yauch’s even more ridiculous outfit

  52. Funnily enough I feel like the Jackson 5 discography gets underrated despite them being one of the most iconic bands of all time. Most people tend to recognize the hits from when Michael was younger like ABC, I Want You Back, Never Could Say Goodbye, etc.

  53. Agree with you on the Jackson 5 and they’re actually one of my favorite Soul Bands. The Delfonics, Switch and DeBarge, EnVogue, New Edition (later version without Bobby but with Johnny Gill), SWV, and Boyz II Men are some of my other favorite soul/R&B groups

  54. New Quadeca album is actually insanely good, only really know him from his appearances on hivemind but damn was not expecting his album to be this experimental. house settling to fantasyworld might be my favorite 3 track run of the year, definitely give it a shot if you haven't. Wouldn't even really call it a hiphop album though there is way more singing than rapping on the album.

  55. Was expecting a good step up from his last one but didn't expect it to be this much of a leap. Like this shit made me cry at one point. Crazy that he was making youtuber diss tracks only a couple years ago

  56. Shaq said in the million dollars worth of game podcast that the money in rap wasn’t good enough for him to keep going. He said Jive had offered him 10 million for a 3 album deal and he was like nah. That’s how you know you rich. Can’t stop the reign is one of my favorite songs of all time though. Biggie’s flow is just insane

  57. Loving the Nas & Hit-Boy album. I was surprised to hear Mario doing vocals on “Serious Interlude”. My favorites are “I’m On Fire”, “Get Light”, “Once A Man, Twice A Child”, & “Michael & Quincy”. I have to give it another run through.

  58. Seeing videos that the funeral for Takeoff was today. I hope his entire family and friends can find peace at some point in time but especially Quavo. Not only the grief with losing one of your closest family members but the trauma of seeing him shot and killed in front of you. Lifelong grief and trauma we’re talking about. I hope he’s got a supportive circle around him.

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