If you could bring back 1 hip hop artist whos died, who would it be?

  1. Funny, was gonna post exactly the same comment with the same names. J Dilla’s beats just reach so deep, and Big L’s rapping energy is just something else.

  2. Just went and downloaded heltah skeltah album Nocturnal. Any more suggestions for someone getting into Sean Price?

  3. This is exactly why I won’t answer. Even besides them I’m not going to say which rappers I would keep dead :( :(

  4. His mindset seemed to change a lot when he went to prison. He seemed like he knew he was gonna die and he just recorded relentlessly and acted recklessly until someone decided to pull the trigger. If he didn’t die in Las Vegas that night, I think he would’ve still died shortly after.

  5. Tupac. He is arguably a lot of peoples GOAT. Would love to see what he would have been had he lived. Not just music wise he probably would’ve been prominent in many areas of life.

  6. Imagine if him, john lennon, and kurt kobain were still alive today how much theu would have contributed and changed past and modern cultures. Theres an old saying to control à heard you must eliminate the goats among sheep.

  7. I really would love to see what could have been with 2pac. I'm sure there would have been Jay beef but his trajectory was insane, he had more crossover appeal than Jay and Snoop and was already an accomplished actor. Probably a few more classic albums and a even bigger Hollywood career.

  8. Pac is my favorite but honestly I admire his mythical status... plus he already made a ton of music. I hope that isn't disrespectful, but I feel like his poetic life is gonna make him like an ovidian or socratic figure in the future.

  9. I always wondered what would have became of charisma. I think peanut butter wolf would have also had a different style trajectory had he not passed. But than again, we might have a much different stones throw than we have today.

  10. Big Pun, his second album was nowhere as good but his health physically and mentally wasn't in the right place at the time, I wonder how his career would have gone post 2000 with guys like Eminem and Jay being the most popular rappers and then the emergence of the 50 Cent/G Unit era.

  11. that's way too hard to name just one artist. I would love for XXXtentacion, Mac Miller, DOOM and Pac to all come back to Earth! XXX was a very important voice that was encouraging spirituality to the new generation of kids and talking about meditation and the power of your thoughts to create and manifest your reality. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. DMX, but only if he could come back without the troubles of addiction because he deserved to live a life free from that shit.

  13. The right answers would be 2pac, biggie, J dilla, or phife dawg from tribe. But honestly Ima go with xxxtentacion, although I don’t think he had an album that even compares to any of these artists albums. He was very unique and extremely talented, he did a lot of different things very well and he had some pretty good projects. I could’ve really seen him develop into one of the best and most versatile rappers in the game and could’ve even had a couple of classics and top charting albums. He was very controversial and there were some things about him I wasn’t completely fond of but he really did try to become a better person and was an extremely talented artist. Very disappointed to see him die so young. Also DOOM he was one of the best no doubt.

  14. Pac, not cus his music. I love it, but also his logic, how he would make the world better, be a leader, help the world, get this generation in shape

  15. I’d say probably X. Not because of music quality, not because of wisdom, but because I want ski mask to feel better 😃.

  16. Prodigy, although I’d also like to bring back Tupac to see what he would be doing in modern times with today’s issues.

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