First big hike of her life! She loved it and did so amazing.

  1. She is almost 8 months old and weighs around 20 pounds. We also put an outfit change, diapers, wipes etc. in this bag and it honestly wasn’t too bad. The weight felt well distributed!

  2. Way to go! Never let kids prevent us from doing the things we loved. They went to, you can always figure it out.

  3. Enjoy it, it goes fast. I’ve got pictures of all three of our daughters in similar carriers. Beautiful family!

  4. I brought my daughter out for a hike in the ergo carrier when she was 10 weeks old! I put her in the baby backpack when she was 6 months old, so your 4 month old would probably be comfortable in a structured carrier, depending on how large they are.

  5. It's more about their spinal development at that age. I'd ask your pediatrician when they recommend that it's safe.

  6. She is almost 8 months old. I think the general rule of thumb probably has something to do with neck control and spinal maturity but it never hurts to ask your pediatrician!

  7. I love how happy everyone is in the reflection of the sunglasses! All smiling at baby! Seems so supportive and sweet!

  8. So adorable! We took our baby girl out when she was about 6 months for her first hike. She loved it and actually fell asleep. Every hike since she loves it then passes out.

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