Gonna start a T break. Have my last smoke at nighttime or morning?

  1. Here's my break routine: I smoke up one last time, and then I clean my pipes. I plan for it ahead, I make sure I get a nice cup of coffee. Ease into the day.

  2. If you need any encouragement I had to stop smoking because of a surgery I just had on my knee. I’ll be dampened if I didn’t wait until the very minimum 14 days before but I haven’t smoked in almost over 3 weeks and tbh I’m doing pretty good. I’m ready to get back at it when I get to campus but I gotta be honest it’s nice to take a break, and it shows a lot of Persistence. I’ve wanted to fold a few nights but just try to have a reason and a goal in mind and hold it to a high standard you’ll be good. Also smoke at night so you don’t wipe out an entire day of not being sober cause you smoked in the morning

  3. What do you mean by "dampened"? And why 14 days? Just curious. I had a major surgery recently and I just stopped smoking 2 days prior to it, also warned my anaesthetist that I'm a daily user. Everything went great. Then 4 days after the surgery, still in the hospital, I proceeded to consume my coconut oil lol. I might need a longer t-break, but maybe later.

  4. I stopped my edibles the night before my surgery. I didn't have any for two days but my post surgery nausea was so bad I ended up having some cookies last night so I could keep food down. The zofran didn't do shit, and 24 hrs+ of throwing up was starting to get to me. I need to start giving myself one sober day a week but teaching is so stressful it's hard to make myself take that break.

  5. Growing up most of my friends said 2 weeks was the ideal time. I've been smoking regularly for 25 years and it's very rare for me to take even a couple of days break at any time.....

  6. Hey guys, while we are on the topic- I started smoking every night two years ago for the sole purpose of getting some sleep. I tried everything (meditation, workouts, sleep aids) prior and the only thing that helps is weed.

  7. I started for the same reason. I found that t-breaks are literally 2 weeks of living hell. Not sleeping for like 3 days etc. it’s not a fun time, so what I do, is basically just don’t smoke all day, and then take a big bong rip right before bed. I still get to sleep and actually enjoy myself, while my tolerance is still going down.

  8. I find even skipping 3 days will have an effect so a week or more you'll definitely lower your tolerance. just be careful on the first smoke and don't try to smoke your usual amount

  9. I've just finished my T-break, had my last smoke at night watching some comedy movies, had some snacks and passed out.

  10. I’m currently on a month t break. I think all you technically need is 21 days but to be sure I like to extend to a month. For me there’s moments where yea I wish I could smoke but know in the long run this break is good for my mind and wallet. I’ll probably do another month off in like May.

  11. It takes roughly 4 days after stopping cannabis for short term memory to start recovering. Smoking or ingesting cannabis will effect your short term memory for 24hours (roughly)

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