Dying high vs dying sober

  1. This dude gonna die blazed as fuck lmao god speed man. I feel like dying would be a fucking trip already in itself nevermind being high as ballsack

  2. I don't know. I have a feeling that the last moments of the dying process are probably going to feel extremely psychedelic all on its own.

  3. Are we talking about an intentional high? If so, die high all day (probably would pass out before I felt all the effects though)

  4. Depends on method of death I guess. If I’m in pain or discomfort and being high alleviates that then so be it. Send me out high as a kite.

  5. I feel like I’d have insane massive heart attack inducing anxiety if I were actively passing away while tripping on LSD. Mushrooms maybe not, but LSD feels like too much of a mindfuck to deal with something that impactful. Then again idk maybe not, might help one accept it

  6. Idk bro salvia goes kinda hard. Plus that’d make the transitions to the afterlife easier because you’re already there

  7. Fuck salvia. That back of the head mindfuck ruins just about everything fun regarding that shit. And I emphasize the word SHIT.

  8. So high. They have amazing drugs for you when you're on your way out too. They are bad for you long term so you can't have them under normal circumstances, at the very end is your one chance.

  9. Sober for sure. Don’t want to mess it up for future stoners. I’d be afraid of misinformation being spread and ruin all the hard work done to get cannabis to where it is now.

  10. this reminded me of the boat scene from “the wolf of Wall Street” where he screams “I WILL NOT DIE SOBER- go get the quaaludes” from then on I decided I too, will not die sober. I’m here for a fun time, not a long time :) scene:

  11. I like to think it doesn’t matter. But I think I would like to die sober. I would be too panicked to die high

  12. Depends how I'm going out. If I'm fighting a bear or something, let's go with sober. If I'm terminally ill and life blows, let's go out high

  13. I want to be cremated alive or dropped onto a glacier and fed to a polar bear, on a small enough dose of acid to know what's going on

  14. High. When I'm riding a good body high, and laying back in my car listening to loud trance music, I can't help but think "this would be an excellent way to go out"

  15. Depends on how I'd die, but generally unless I were to be in pain I'd like to go sober. I'd like to go with a clear head and aware of everything around me, and see and experience the world (and death) one last time as it is without any mind altering substances.

  16. I have this desire, sometimes I think to die of doing OD of something. Or (Enter the void) Smoke shit load of Dmt and shoot myself in the head while comedown

  17. I've always had the idea of doing heroin if I absolutely knew I was going to die, I think it would make the most incredible indescribable amazing ending to a life. A feeling so good it can hardly be matched by anything else, I'd truly die at my highest mental happiness without having to deal with addiction. (I'd also consider crystal meth since I like upper drugs as opposed to downer drugs but it gives some people crazy paranoia). (But if you die in your sleep I guess it doesn't matter, you'll have the best ending)

  18. I feel like dying is such a foreign experience already so I’d assume it would be almost psychedelic if not beyond that so I’m not sure if it would even make a noticeable impact… but for the sake of the question I’d die high

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