I’m so high right now, who else is high?

  1. I got off work 4 hours early because we got all the work done, and now we get Christmas Eve off too. I'm high as fuck right now on my way home, friend is driving

  2. I'm high. What's the best comedy to Watch while high, I need a good laugh, something relaxing but funny.

  3. For once super drunk instead of high. Cross-faded would be better, but here we are. I hope you have had a nice night. ❤️

  4. I mean i puffed on some delicious New York grown hemp derived DELTA-8 this morning. It’s from this fancy little store in Saratoga and grown in the Adirondacks, it’s also mare without solvents so it tates really pure

  5. Christmas eve here in Sweden. Alone at home, just smoked weed on the comedown from ectasy. Feels fantastic. Happy holidays everyone

  6. Super sober lol gotta stay sharp when you're with a straight edge family. Tonight is when I'm gonna celebrate Christmas early

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