Then the rapist thinks its a good idea to use the vid of her getting raped without any way to fight back as blackmail material

  1. But her classmates/boyfriend/parents! They’d think she’s a harlot clearly! In all seriousness I’d bet there’s a doujin where they go to the police and the police just fuck her, now THATS a fairly unwinnable one..

  2. Given how a lot of cultures/societies (so not just East Asians) still victim blame (in the court of public opinion, if not in a court of law), the reluctance of many victims to come forward with their situations is rather understandable...

  3. This actually happened in Great Britain btw. With a lot of underaged girls. A proper sexual assault crime ring. They would also drug the girls. It's not something is care to read again. So I guess you'd have to Google it to find the source. It was made s documentary as well I think.

  4. It's a common trope in hentai where some guy blackmails the female lead with a video/picture of her having sex and uses it to force her into more sex... even though, in real life, it would just end with the guy posting evidence of his own crime (rape) and him getting arrested.

  5. Those are inspired by irl events btw, sounds like you don’t understand japan/east Asia, it’s like telling an autistic person to JUST go outside and touch grass

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