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  1. Wait does Neptulon even see play in Standard, Ik he's OP as shit in Wild Big Decks, but I thought Standard would just run Onyxia instead?

  2. Looks like it's been said already but I'd like to add a bit of context. So in wild there's a very strong priest deck that only uses blood of g'huun and Neptulon. You use lots of spells to get those "summon a 5/5 copy of a minion in your deck" types of spells found/used early in the game and if you manage to get a blood of g'huun + Neptulon out on turn 3 it's almost impossible to lose.

  3. Played big priest for the past couple days in wild to get to legend. Its dumb how simple and oppressive that deck is from the potential of getting a 5/5 ghuun/neptulon out turn 2 going 2nd.

  4. cariel is the only one i think is a problem. i get the other two are annoying but if you dont have the snake after they play her you basically lose.

  5. I'd still take her anytime over neptulon. At least you can tech against it. How do you even counter neptulon in wild?

  6. All I see in my deep legend dumpster are mostly priests and shamans. Hardly ever any murloc shamans, mages or druids. I'm about to drop to 2k pretty soon. Priest became extremely uninteractive to play against now with the inclusion of Neptulon. It's literally impossible to clear him every single time because he's just going to spawn over and over the entire game. I'm playing Renathal Renolock and I'll be damned lucky if I do manage winning one of those matchups. I made legend with Renathal questline hunter and came in at 1256. Pretty much destroyed my rank so hard but what can I say, I do love Renolock, one of my top favorite decks ever.

  7. Personally loving curselock right now, but hunter in general needs to be here lol. Quest hunter makes me want to commit

  8. I would rather play against that, than watching the 3rd Krush or the 3rd couple of dragons see the field by turn 7

  9. Ok. Overall win rate datas are weird. If you look at them, you see decks at the top that are non existent at (high) legend ranks. That's because most of player base is casual, so they don't want to think too much about the play they make, but they still want to win. So it happens that tempo/aggro decks have a much higher win rate, while decks that require planning ("do I play my removal or do I wait and bait more stuff to kill"; "what are the remaining cards in my deck? should I try to draw my good card or do I wait and make another play") have lower win rate than they have in high legend rank. Last rotation post-nerfs libram paladin has been the top win rate deck, while actually being a bad deck (you didn't see it in high legend or tournaments). Now going back to celestial druid, the only way to beat it is killing it before they have their big turns after they play celestial. So, decks like mech mage that play lots of stuff on the board are actually good vs druid; the problem is, if you play mech mage (a deck that has high win rate in low tiers) against competent players, you don't have any chances vs the other decks.

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