Hearthstone Tournament Hijacked By Anti-Blizzard Messages

  1. Out curiously, anybody play any quest decks during the tournament? Don't you love how now when you check the status on your quest it breaks your hand? This wasn't a problem before... Cost me a game last night because my cards were overlapping and I couldn't pick the right one.

  2. The tournament format is ridiculous too. The first round (out of 3) just concluded after 4 and a half hours. At this rate it's going to go for like 14+ hours straight. I feel bad for the casters.

  3. How could that happen though? They must have had some Excel sheets to calculate how long the tournament would take, right? And we all know how precise their spreadsheets are. ¯\(ツ)/¯

  4. The problem with this article is that they are emphasising Free to Play Users but its literally every market category. You have whales, $20 a month users, and occasional purchasers also pretty upset over the recent moves that increase barrier to enjoyment of the game I've put in $300 (including $145 during this year - Aranna, Scholomance Mega Bundle, Felosophy, Halloween Uther) over five years and I have never felt less inclined to play. I just did half of my spending during my time in the game and I am less connected to it because of these changes.

  5. Exactly this! It’s not just the F2P players that are mad. It’s everyone. Even the whales are pissed by this. Literally nobody is happy about it, except for maybe people who literally only play battlegrounds, and even then, i think they didn’t get much of a boost.

  6. Imagine hosting a lucrative invitational for some hand-picked streamers, whilst the community is protesting the cost the the game. KEKW

  7. Way more interesting than the actual tournament. Not sure who thought this was a good idea but at least the viewers are making it interesting

  8. A lot of ppl will buy the C'Thanks bundle. This is for nothing sadly. I hope a lot of ppl complaining are not buying the C'Thanks bundle but who knows

  9. Blizzard probably see this as an upgrade on the casual racism and misogyny that’s usually in their chat.

  10. It doesn't mean anything actually. Blizzard is still making money. If this entire subreddit stopped paying and playing that's still less than 1% of the playerbase which is an acceptable loss to them.

  11. I'm sure you accomplished absolutely nothing in doing so other than making a post to make yourself look like the tool you behaving like.

  12. Bobby Kotick here, We at Activision Blizzard would appreciate it if the community would embrace our new player investment aptitude program. Although many of the poverty entitled section of our player base are happy to dwell in the past, we believe that innovating in monetary patronage with our non-consensual capital arbitrage will serve to invigorate and shake up the stagnant and outdated player privilege model the consumer has had to endure. This is Bobby Kotick signing out, and I hope to see you at the Darkmoon Fairetm soon.

  13. I must confess I have mixed feelings about having been part of this. First time in my life I actually "actively" protested about something.

  14. Protests require a faith in the movement and a passion for the cause. It is, in general, very unfulfilling unless you are patient. IMO

  15. This is probably a good thing on blizzards part, their official tournament chats are normally flooded with racism and sexism.

  16. What's funny is I was the one who started the #StopBlizzardGreed hash tag. It really took off until the mods banned the phrase and started timing people out.

  17. It’s a shame because I really like the UI for the new reward system, it’s feels so much nicer to feel like you’re actually progressing on a rewards track rather than just having the boring old quest log that had no depth to it

  18. I must say, you all should have boycott watching the tournament, and boycott all tournaments going forward. Show Blizz how much we don't care about the tourneys because they should fix their problems first.

  19. They already self tank their viewership when they are contracted to broadcast on YouTube exclusively instead of twitch a year ago

  20. The viewership numbers aren't that great, and also investors will see those fairly low viewership numbers along with the bad press it's been getting lately and probably not be very interested.

  21. ‘Content has been widely well received’ idk... the metas OK right now, a little fast paced for many’s fancy maybe, especially as seeing the old gods aren’t seeing much play (been in legend all month). A lot of top tier decks from last expac are still top tier and largely unchanged. If anything I’d say it’s meh.

  22. I think they had a dedicated server or region where only the participants were logged in. Not sure though.

  23. That's the exact rethoric. No one cares, this is reddit, some idiot posted a sheet and now everyone jumped in the band wagon

  24. Very good to see this in the news. That's the kind of thing that can be presented to the higher ups to get them to do something.

  25. The best part is that 2020 has been really really good for Activision Blizzard financially-wise

  26. Hearthstone as a competitive platform is a joke to begin with, especially recently. They cranked the RNG to 11. Absolute pavelstone fiasco.

  27. At least it worked. When I quickly looked at the stream at the beginning and tried to post something containing "reward", "greed" etc., all I got was "your message has to be unique in this channel". What a way of censoring chat!

  28. They were watching stream it's all that matters for blizzard. Who cares what twitch chat spams anyway.

  29. Make this happen dont forget keep pushing through guys we will get more attention till they are forced to respond

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