The Best High-End Air Cooler - 2020 Edition

  1. Keep in mind that the Le Grande Macho, like all of the Macho series, is based on the HR-02 heatsink. The HR-02 was however never developed as a high performance air cooler. Instead it was developed as a passive heatsink to run without a fan. This means for example that the fin density is very low. This results in very low resistance which allows quiet operation even with a fan (as seen in this test). But it doesn't allow great heat exchange as compared to these other coolers with higher fin density. It's a silent cooler, not a cold one.

  2. For as long as it has been the incumbent you would think something would have topped it by now, but I love my D15, it has followed me through 3 builds, Noctua even sent me a free AM4 mounting kit when I upgraded to Ryzen.

  3. Noctua a sent me the AM4 mounting kit for my ancient D14 right in the middle of the pandemic. I was honestly expecting to have to wait until like August to receive it.

  4. The video makes no sense without Scythe coolers. Unless they're being too cheap for the "high end", even though they crush most of the competition.

  5. I was also wondering (from the thumbnail as I have not watched it) where the Scythe coolers are as I feel they are a better value for most mainstream processors in terms of cost and noise. Why pay $30 more for a cooler that performs the essentially the same?

  6. Now don't get me wrong, I love this kind of content and would run such a comparison myself if I had the time and hundreds to spend on coolers lol.

  7. Would love to see this included once it hits the market while we're on the topic of high end air coolers. Maybe for the 2021 episode.

  8. Pretty happy with my 10+ year old TRUE. Afraid to upgrade and have to fabricate a new mounting plate.

  9. I've been wanting to see some modern benchmarks of this thing, especially since there are brackets that make it compatible with current sockets (Venomous X bracket).

  10. Looks like he installed the heatsinks without removing the motherboard, in which case mounting the middle fan of drp4 is pretty hard... if you don't know that the top plate is removable.

  11. Wow that was painful to watch. His delivery is awful, slow, tedious and he does that Sally from the valley thing when he speaks.

  12. KitGuru also noted thermal throttling on this cooler when used with 9900k at 4.9ghz. This review uses 9700k, but thermal pad inefficiency might have pushed it over the limit.

  13. The chart that matters from the video, if you are looking for maximum cooling power for max thermal load:

  14. i really really wish that on top of using the fans that came with the cooler reviewers also standardized the fans as much as possible across all the heatsinks. That way we can more clearly see the performance of the actual heatsink and not the heatsink and what fans came with them.

  15. multiple good points in here. I agree that tests need to be noise normalized otherwise the more aggressive fan setup wins and you won't be any wiser.

  16. Did he actually messed up with the graphs? Because if you look at them, it looks like that your cooler is extremely loud when the CPU isn't even hot

  17. Its a bit confusing. But isnt the graph showing how well the different coolers can handle a 95watt(and 185w) heat exposure and how low temp they can go, at the cost of noise(fan speed) ?

  18. This videos are so easy to make because the answer is always the same. Noctua's product quality hasn't changed at all and neither have the laws of thermodynamics.

  19. Can someone please give a breakdown of what happened, or even just a list? I don't want to watch it but I would like to hear the information. Please & thank you.

  20. he uses a graphite thermal pad instead of paste, so take results with a grain of salt, but results here:

  21. It's just too small. I've had it and the D15 and the D15 outperformed it by a substantial margin when heavy overclocking. Eventually you need to move to liquid though if you really want to max things.

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