Since y’all love my image of the Waffle House in Halo Infinite Forge, here’s gameplay!

  1. I think this would make for a great infection map. I think if you can give the zombies some ways to get into the building apart from the front door I'll be a huge hit!

  2. Hell yeh, the best fun in gaming I have ever had were zombie panic source mod for Garry's mod and infection maps in halo, just the best. If this map had maybe four entry points with some hidden behind debris that the zombies need to melee out of the way it would be a hit

  3. Ah, now Master Chief can throw hands in the South East while getting scattered plasma grenades for breakfast.

  4. Now spawn some brutes fighting one another in the dining area and you’re 100%. And maybe a sleeping grunt with a WH uniform in the parking lot

  5. It should be playing Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas on infinite loop (for some reason, the Waffle House by me is always playing this song).

  6. This is funny because beat downs will happen at the forge Waffle House just like they do at 2am at the real life Waffle House. Nature is healing.

  7. This game would be 1 million times better with community playlists. I could see them doing some bs like disabling xp rewards though to bottleneck you into playing their 8 maps

  8. In halo 3 there was a popular map call McDonald's. If anyone else here as played that you know just how far forging has come. The difference is truly staggering.

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