Jez Corden spoke with Sean W and confirms David Berger has left 343 Industries.

  1. Director of Engineering and longtime 343 vet. Principle actor in the development of the addons to Blam! That would be called the Slipspace Engine. Under his leadership 343 has never shipped a functioning product out of the gate.

  2. Tatanka switching engines this far in development would be insane imo unless they actually did decide to sever it from Infinite entirely and launch it as it’s own title. Which would also be completely insane. Or maybe not, fuck who knows what’s going on in that dumpsterfire of a company these days.

  3. The rumors also say that the battle royale mode is being developed by Certain Affinity, not 343, so it would make a bit more sense if it releases as its own game in a different engine

  4. Maybe Tatanka, the Battle Royale, is the first launch instead of the new Halo Campaign and Multiplayer being traditionally the first launch. This would be quite smart and with the times, especially when you have a competent studio doing it (CA), rather than the formula they have been doing, which was Campaign and MP first. Maybe they're just changing the emphasis on which mode gets shipped first. It's the opportunity that's right in front of them, so why not take it? If you can perfect Tatanka, or have a shitload of confidence in that being done on Unreal Engine, then do it. It's the long term solution for sure. Quite honestly, it might be the only solution, if you catch my drift.

  5. It's also hard for me to believe this rumor considering Joe made a big deal about bringing on the old Bungie era technical design dude. That guy knows a lot about Halos Tech and how it works at its core engine level. so why would they bring him on is the new technical design director if they're just going to move to Unreal Engine 5.

  6. In regards to Tatanka being switched to a different engine, it just doesn't make sense to me. This has been in development for a good couple years now, and according to Jez it was supposed to release in January.

  7. I’m the actual podcast Jez did talking about Sean W’s leak, he specifically said that we wasn’t able to get any corroborating information about an engine switch, but thinks it “makes a lot of sense” based on (IMO) weak circumstantial evidence and what appears to me to be a poor understanding of corporate hierarchy.

  8. I give it a very low chance of switching engines. That would require building the entire Halo assets and sandbox by scratch all over again.

  9. Halo Infinite was in development for YEARS and look how it turned out. So was Google Stadia and countless other projects that failed. At some point, you have enough data to confirm that the project is a failure and rather than dumping more and more resources (time and money), you cut bait and change course. I believe this is what’s happening. All signs point to this. A lot of the issues we are experiencing with Infinite (spaghetti code, drip fed content, etc.), can be traced back to the engine (as well as management). If you read the tea leaves, to me, it seems reasonable to assume that they are switching engines

  10. That isn't a good system so I hope not. It completely borked all the weapons and made others that were good in one engine bad in another.

  11. Mayen they went from „let’s safe as much money as possible, Halo is gonna sell no matter what“ to „well fuck, our in house engine can’t support a modern game schedule and we need to find a way so people trust us again“

  12. Starting to think that it's true. Many people from 343 who had presentations at GDC have since left the company. Daniele Giannetti (Principal Architect) who presented

  13. Because if they are aiming to release a new halo title in like 2 or 3 years on a new engine. Delaying it until then means they could drop fat amounts of content. Imagine a staten campaign, new multiplayer thats just better infinite. And a battleroyale. All releasing at the same time using unreal engine 5. Thats be leagues further then any of their titles.

  14. All this leadership gone and somehow Frank O’Connor remains untouched…what manner of skeletons is this guy privy to in the closets of MS executives??

  15. This. I used to work at 343 and Frank did Jack shit but play video games all day and spew vitriolic political opinions all day as if everyone agreed with him. I wish I was joking. Dude needs to go. Along with Kiki

  16. I'm pretty sure he's going to be out the door as well. His job title was given to him by Bonnie and he's the franchise development director whatever that means. Considering we now have a general manager of franchise I feel like Frank is redundant is going to be gone either silently or vocally at some point in the next several months.

  17. How is Gears 5’s online experience in regards to performance? I’m wondering if they did switch to UE5, perhaps they could use the Gears code base as a foundation so that they don’t have to literally build everything from scratch.

  18. Everyone's saying that switching to Unreal 5 will mean that everything has to be built from the ground up, but most of the work such as 3D modelling, animation and sound design are mostly done by different software like zbrush or blender and stuff right? And those assets can be reused even in a new engine, which wouldn't be too hard to implement maybe?

  19. Models and sounds can likely be reused*, but the time savings would be nonexistant since the bottleneck is only ever the gameplay systems. If they're sensible, they'll be re-using those assets anyway, but don't expect it to result in a different timeline than if they re-arted everything from scratch.

  20. People like to use Halo as an example of “Xbox can’t make great games” but Halo isn’t a bad game it’s just severely lacking in content…

  21. Well the news about Berger was out in the open for several weeks now and many more reliable outlets have shared that piece if information.

  22. One of the main reasons I was pushing for cosmetics and stuff was because I thought the BR mode would bring back a lot of old and new players. I wanted to look badass and have cosmetics not many people would have. I guess I can just forget that...

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