Halo 4 was released 7 years before the master chief collection. Halo 5 was released seven years ago. It’s about time they add it to the MCC

  1. The file size isn't the problem. The problem is that MCC is at a technical limit. You can't just add in Halo 5 without breaking pretty much everything else.

  2. I think the file size, reqs, & no true PC port are the issues. MCC has a large PC install base. I love H5 MM personally. Booted it up 2 weeks ago.

  3. I could take it or leave it. The campaign is rather unremarkable and boring and even if you port the multiplayer over to MCC the number of people playing are just going to be more hardcore fans than casual players making it no fun. Halo 5 is just too competitive because of the base gameplay mechanics and it makes the skill curve much higher than other titles. The only modes that I particularly cared about were Warzone Firefight (which would be a great addition to today's FF mode) and community playlists like Castle Wars which could always be remade in Forge to a certain degree if they haven't yet.

  4. I think it might happen eventually, when they added ODST, I said they would add Reach eventually too and I was laughed at because it was a "stupid idea". Nevertheless eventually they did. Having all the main games in one collection is a really good opportunity to keep the games alive. The real question I am asking is when will they put Halo Wars 2 on Steam? I enjoyed that game a lot, the blitz game mode in particular.

  5. I’m a PC player and I really enjoyed H5 on Xbox before I switched. I think h5 cross play between both systems would out perform infinite with the lack of content in infinite.

  6. I personally would prefer H5 Guardians definitive edition with xbox-pc crossplay instead but 343 probably knows it would be more popular than infinite.

  7. The whole point of the MCC is to catch up on the master chief's and Cortanas adventure to then enjoy 5, I know it was stupid they put odst into the collection

  8. I can't imagine their sales numbers for that game are still very good this far along. It's not like the game was beloved when it came out either.

  9. You can play Halo 5 on Xbox already. What's the difference? Just so you don't have to swap games occasionally? Hell with quick resume you can easily jump between both games. If you want 5 on PC I understand, but adding it to MCC is pointless. I'll never understand this, it's a massive waste of manpower just so a gamer can avoid pressing a few buttons.

  10. There is a difference besides time. Halo 4 was released before the MCC. MCC was made with including H4 and the previous Halo games in mind.

  11. Halo 5 servers are practically dead, almost impossible sometimes to find a full match of warzone, maybe this could breath some life into the game.

  12. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the idea of Halo 5 in MCC, but when you’re looking at the landscape of Halo today, the only main instalment that is dead is Halo 5, since Halo Infinite is the newest and all the others Halo are in the MCC.

  13. Na I’m good. No need to sully MCC. The awesome ‘updates’ they’ve done to H3 Swat have already almost ruined what was my favorite game for awhile. Who the fuck likes recon swat I mean honestly??

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