Finally finished a 1.5 meter tall Master Chief statue that I 3D printed for my local comic book shops display window.

  1. Reminds me of those amazing promo statues of a dual wielding master chief for Halo 2. Our FYE had one and I wanted to bid on it when they went under

  2. Yeah when I was younger my local block buster had a Terminator statue that I wanted so bad. Now I can just make one but haven't gotten around to it haha. I do commission these types of statues for around $1000 to $2000 AUD hence why this one is off to the comic boom store.

  3. Its so big (thats what she said) but wow yeah thats so cool. 3D printing is making movements!

  4. I did try and tag them in a Tik Tok when I was building it as I seen hey was in the process of his build. But I didn't get a response for him.

  5. Yeah 100%, we kept it clean with a factory floor look for the armour to then give the person the choice of what weathering or battle damage they want if it sells at the comic book shop.

  6. Rifle two pieces with the hand attached Left hand a piece Base four pieces Legs to the knee two pieces Hips one piece Chest one piece Helmet one piece Elbow to wrist each there own pieces Elbow to shoulder each there own pieces

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