Halo infinite on the UK charts now has the same amount of players as Skyrim. how is this game going to recover?

  1. Games have come back from worse. If you needed any indication that it can come back. The HCS tournament had over 100k concurrent views and over a million unique viewers in total

  2. 65k on the main Halo channel--the rest spread out over other channels that had drops enabled; let's face it, the Optic effect & the drops would have been making up a fair chuck of the viewer numbers.

  3. Yeah because they had free cosmetics tied with viewership. Get rid of those inscentives and I bet you it would be in the single digit thousands or less.

  4. Has Halo ever really been as popular of a game outside of the US? Just looking at sales numbers for the ps3 vs the xbox 360 in the UK I am assuming not.

  5. Easy they need to release content new maps and game modes primarily infection. 343 quite frankly need to give the fans what they ask for something Bonnie Ross for whatever reason didn’t want to give them. Bonnie Ross literally said she wanted halo to be in her image. With her being gone I can see halo finally going back to normal or more so towards the MCC style of content updates.

  6. Microsoft should never allow a Halo campaign to ever come out again. All the lore nerds hate every campaign and love every book then get all their happiness from ruining Halo online. Lore / campaign fans are the worst

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