The simplicity of the H3 armor is why it's my favourite aesthetic

  1. Getting the katana was such a flex in early halo 3 especially before the dlc achievements came out and it was easier. I would get friend requests from Random’s every match I felt like a celebrity

  2. The good old days when you obtained cool things by playing the game instead of using your credit card.

  3. So during the early days of Halo 3 the only way you could get Recon armor was for the devs to basically gift it to you. I used to run with a guy that had the handle "Joey" on XBL and he made some really sick forge game types and maps.

  4. I don’t love the little L pieces that stick out on H3 recon shoulders but love the rest yea, but I do think part of the problem with 343 shoulder armor designs at least is that they don’t actually cover the shoulder (until some in 5 and more in infinite do a little). But then they still do it in odd ways.

  5. I had to be one of the first to get recon armor after I played with a creator/developer with flaming recon armor. it was all I dreamed about since I knew it existed. I sadly admit to having 2 accounts (49/50) with over 5k experience on both. probably over 15k games played. no regrets but I sunk a lot of time into that game.

  6. Always makes me smile thinking about achieving Recon armor from the Vidmaster challenges back in the good old days. Recon with the Katana, never changed.

  7. I never managed to get Recon back in the day. Could never organise friends enough for the Vidmaster.

  8. The only thing I can criticize Halo 3's armor for, is that I wish there was more of it, and that there were more options. Having Halo 3's aesthetic with Halo: reach's customization would be marvelous.

  9. It would be amazing. And I think it would also fix a lot of the H4 and 5 armour. If they scaled back the visual noise, made it a bit simpler like.H3, then their designs would work

  10. I actually liked that there wasn't an insane amount. When Halo 3 came out, it felt like the perfect amount to play around and unlock. Reach was a little over saturated imo, but still really good. 4 was even decent. 5 and Infinite I could care less for. Too much. Too grindy. Costs real $$$. Fuck off

  11. I agree I was tremendously frustrated with the release of reach armor with season one. It felt like a complete manipulation. They said there would be millions of combinations day one if they had simply given us the armor from previous games that would’ve been somewhat of a copout but a understandable one. It would have honored their promise for customization to be robust day one. It would have been amazing if everything that was in master chief collection was simply available in halo infinite as customization options. Then the new stuff is the combination of halo three and halo reach designs I want new stuff if I’m going to wait 6 to 8 years for a complete game. I am pissed that they are trickling the armor that I already don’t want into this free battle pass. I already bought halo reach for $60 I don’t wanna buy it back $20 at a time for 200 pieces of armor

  12. I feel like an old man and I'm not even 30 yet, but back then we played matchmaking for fun of it in itself or for competition. Nowadays people see online multiplayer as a vehicle for the dopamine drip of seeing things unlock. I think Halo 3 was the last big online FPS to not be designed around unlocks, and CoD4 at the same time was the first that really got it all moving in that direction

  13. Flashbacks to arby and the chief and watching every video on the Machinima channel. What an era that was.

  14. While I'd love it, fuck dude, they need actually new armor. It's already ridiculous they just reused Reach's armor and said "WE WORKED HARD ON THIS GAAAAME!"

  15. The thing about this armour that I love most is that just from a brief look, I can visualise my friends again from the armour they wore back then. Simplicity is sometimes the greatest nostalgia. I miss the days of H3.

  16. Halo: Reach felt a lot more grounded and realistic, while Halo 3 has a lighter tone to it. 3d3i’s Halo armor is very unrealistic and silly, save a couple variants and pieces from Halo 4 and 5 (Anubis armor set, for example)

  17. There have been several occasions where folks on this subreddit have said chest attachments were never color coordinated and Im always like ???

  18. Ya they’re perfect. I’m not a fan of armor effects. And while the fracture armors look cool, I rather have in universe stuff.

  19. Security helmet with scout shoulders was the epitome of clean. Maybe add the recon chest to flex those vidmaster achievements (before Bungie foolishly gave the set away to everybody)

  20. Still the best EVA, Recon, and arguably Rogue designs in the series. I am happy the Chonmage helmet was styled after 3's EVA, shame about it being paid and having an actual metal chonmage topknot.

  21. I miss the days when all you needed to unlock interesting armour sets was complete the campaign on legendary while only using the skulls as weapons.

  22. Whenever people talk out of place armor in 343 games, they always go back to "Halo 3s ninja armor" and try to argue that halo always had goofy armor. When i honestly look at this photo it doesnt really stick out, it just looks like some rare high level spartan gear. The sword though...

  23. They did a really good job with Hayabusa, it looks cool and fits with the style while still looking like the original design from Ninja Gaiden, such a great crossover

  24. Reach did a fantastic job of making the armour look like, well, armour. They added a gritty realism to the design

  25. Not sure why in this graphic. But I remember a lot of folks using it with the Mark V helmet, because it was the closest they could have to the Mark V chest

  26. Hayabusa (With Katana) is my favorite! I hope they can bring it back again in the new game, perhaps it would also be cool to be able to use the Dragon Sword too.

  27. I remember giving my xbox account to some guy who said he would give me recon armor. Then I had to explain to my mom that my account got "hacked" lol

  28. Agreed. I think helmets like EOD and Rogue have changed too much over time. The design got too complicated and they stopped looking like they did

  29. Ever since I played infinite I haven’t been able to look at these armours the same. Infinite looks like real heavy armour that can protect you from bullets and this looks like cheap plastic

  30. This seems like a bit of nostalgia fishing. I’ve been around since the OG CE days before there was even Xbox live. I still love hayabusa and recon forever. But I also love Argus, Scanner, and my personal favorite Helioskrill

  31. I don't know most of them look the same and it's very boring looking I like the aesthetic but h3 looks like they never put any thought into it you can't really make the armor your own it's cool if you don't won't to be unique.

  32. He’s talking about the art style not the amount of content. Plus I think H3’s customization was very much built with the intent of it simulating being able to wear different pieces of standard issue kit. And then in Reach they transitioned to designing customization off of the “build your own Spartan identity” that came along with a game full of unique and characterized Spartans, and how you get to make your very own Noble 6 identity.

  33. Wow, it looks like it's made of plastic. And it's so busy, there aren't any visual lines beyond the shape of the body that's identical between all of them. Meanwhile the chest pieces are in most cases just blocky shapes, like this was put together by a toddler learning what a triangle. The letter H is not a design. Besides, why is the lighting so off? It's making these big white shiny spots on the front, but then you can't see the visors clearly?? And I can't even talk about how low res these armours were, because the picture is so grainy. So instead I'll talk about this desaturated colour palette and how it sucks the life from everything. There's no visual contrast, colour wise it's just a blob!

  34. God I love the look of Recon. You can only imagine my excitement when I booted up MCC and could get Recon from the start.

  35. I like them because they feel realistic and not super advanced compared to more recent armors like the unicorn horn or the ones you can't see out of.

  36. The point, and something newer games can learn from, is that the silhouette didn't change. This is important for fast paced gameplay.

  37. Yeah, honestly, this is how cosmetics used to be before companies figured out they could sell them. This was normal. They would have a handful of different colors and styles, but nothing that veered from the core aesthetic too much, and there didn't need to be a thousand different customization options.

  38. The one thing I really love about it, is how the base chest is all the same, and the other chest armours are just built on it. It really helped sell the idea that they’re all mark vi and created a sense of cohesion. (That and I don’t know if it’s from the trouble they had with 1 and especially 2 but in 3 they really seemed to figure out how they could stretch simple shapes to great lengths in their designs)

  39. Halo 3, imo, is the perfect blend of cool and grounded. Halo 3's armor should be the inspiration for what armor in Halo should be like. Halo Infinite just has absolute garbage. Even the free stuff I don't care about because it's absolutely hideous to me.

  40. Halo 3 was my favorite aesthetic, then Halo 2 anniversary came out and everything in the campaign looks amazing. Now I think Infinite is my favorite but they just need to come out with more normal armor.

  41. There’s something about the ODST helmet that I love about. It has that simple but professional look to me

  42. I liked Reaches because it had a mix of simple and "Realistic" armours. Armours that make sense and you'd probably see in a Futuristic military that we funded.

  43. i swear the top tier 50s i encountered in lone wolves always ran the default Mark VI... you knew you were fucked if that was their armor.

  44. For me, it was the perfect amount of customization. Enough to tinker with and look unique in a match; and you had to earn them through achievements. So it showed what you have done as a player, rather than how dumb you are for spending money inside of a full priced game

  45. Halo 3 is exactly how armour needs to be done. Easily customisable and you earn everything through play. When you saw someone with full Hayabusa and katana with a flaming helmet, you knew to respect them

  46. The only one I never quite vibed with was the Hayabusa set. All the others looked like they had actual use within the lore of halo while hayabusa looked like a spartan was going to comic con

  47. My favorite combo was EOD helmet with Security shoulders and Katana chest. I used to think it was the coolest thing ever back in the day.

  48. This is why I'm glad I can completely remove attachments in Infinite. No chest attachment, no wrist, no utility, no helmet attachment.. nice, simple, and elegant

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