Am I the only one that feels like NetworkChuck is overrated?

  1. I mean I wouldn't watch his content for ethical hacking tbh. His background is as a network engineer, so his content in that area is usually much more in depth.

  2. I don't really watch his videos to learn anything super involved, it's more for entertainment and maybe a basic intro or small project. I watch his videos to take a break from learning and just watch someone who is super enthusiastic and enjoys talking about tech. Really helps when I'm feeling unmotivated to see someone amped up on coffee and tech, lol.

  3. EXACTLY. Morons on Reddit seem to not understand this. People literally calling him "Patronizing".... Its literally semi educational entertainment. Good content.

  4. Overrated? I would say he does a pretty good job in his own niche..which is exiciting 12 minute videos that are very 'entry-level' into the cybersec world. Like a clickbait , of some sort - making everything seem fast ,easy and exciting while the actual work is tedious. Youtube 101. For advanced stuff? yea..overrated if you wanna use the word

  5. Haven’t really seen anything super advanced in Cybersecurity. Would you be considering IppSec, John Hammond, and TCM as advanced?

  6. I agree with this 100% it's a great starting point with a good foundation but doesn't cover advanced stuff also I wanna mention I have always liked and enjoyed NullByte videos, though some content had to be moved off youtube for compliance.

  7. I think it’s a great channel to introduce certain subjects in the world of hacking, but it’s not really good for people who wants to know the subjects which he is talking about more in depth

  8. Check out The Cyber Mentor if you havent heard of him yet. Guy is a wizard. He's got tons of content including full courses on YT and a website hosting even more courses. They are crazy cheap for what you get and he often drops discounts, if you're strapped for cash anyway. Highly recommended

  9. I used to quite like his videos, more entertaining than informative. But I stopped enjoying it when he got his brother or whoever it is involved, too much faffing and editing

  10. His contents are not meant to be technical. I’ve been following him right from his days of CCNA and most of stuffs has been always targeted towards beginners

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