suggestion: change the doc font to bionic reading so ethan can read the ad-reads

  1. Same here, that was awesome! I love reading but still do it pretty slow.. Don’t even get me started on reading out loud, in my brain I don’t trip up the words at all, just rereading some things and whatnot that my brain didn’t process but as soon as I have to say it out loud everything collapses. It’s super annoying but this helped me a shocking amount, is this how ‘normal’ people read?

  2. They have an awesome website where you can upload files or copy paste text into and it will do this for you. Just Google Bionic Reading and you'll find it. I have it bookmarked since it helps my ADHD brain immensely as well!

  3. Oh they finally came out! I've been using their website for a while and have been waiting for these to release!

  4. Wow that was so smooth and soft for my eyes 😍 and it's not even my first language so I can't imagine how soothing it will feel to read stuff in my language.

  5. a similar font is also available on the kindle app. if you have a library card, download libby and you can borrow ebooks there and read them on the kindle app

  6. BRO I would read a book in .2 SECONDS with this damn text I was zooming compared to my recent reading lol

  7. That’s interesting that people are saying it’s easier and faster to read that way. For me it’s harder and I’m chopping up the words.

  8. "Letting the brain complete the word" doesn't... seem like it will always lead to intended results. So many words in the English language that start with the same 4 letters but have completely different meanings.

  9. My only problem with this is that if I got used to it, it would make everything else in the world so much harder to read by perspective. Like getting used to wearing glasses then taking them off

  10. I remember a post that would get shared around facebook like a decade+ ago that was entirely misspelled but you could read it perfectly because it used the same technique here to trick the brain.

  11. For me reading it had no difference but I'm not dyslexic so, but I do notice ethan often times fabricates words in what he is reading, is that dyslexia? I thought it was about just mixing words up.

  12. so interesting how many neurodivergent ppl this is helping, i personally harder to read the bionic one😭

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