Just started watching “the forever purge” on hbo max and noticed someone familiar. With peace and love, is this who I think it is ? 🫡

  1. Wow! I just came back to this post and realized I really upset a lot of people, which definitely wasn’t my intention!

  2. Not really. There's only like two Asian dudes who are frequent guests/segments. It's kind of like every time someone posts ANY bald dude, we know they're making the Dan joke. It's not that there's a resemblance, it's that the pool of people they could be referring to is tiny

  3. So everybody seems to know who you are referring to but denying that he looks like him just because they are snowflakes who think that that is racist lmaooo

  4. Lol I once read a paper about how people that don’t interact with a high diversity of people usually would have a harder time differentiating people from other races, you must be one of those

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