Adam being insufferable as always.

  1. Def wants to be more Ethan and less Keemstar and it’s not going well for him. Clearly this realization that he is in fact not a comedian has broken him, people should just leave him be for now imo.

  2. Because Donna Stan’s this kid - she mentioned it way back when families was going on. But same. Can’t believe this kid has a platform.

  3. He needs to get away from Kat they’re both close friends and share a lot of the bad takes Kat has, I had to unfollow her because now she’s feeling sorry for Trisha

  4. He is a Keem wannabe and has said horrible things about Ethan and Hila. He made a YouTube short about Ethan’s recent search history.

  5. This is more comparable to a fan trying to climb on stage at a punk show and getting shoved back down then crying about it

  6. Yea.. heckler got barely pushed off a half-foot stage by the owner of the set. People just wanna kick the guy while he’s down.

  7. Am I the only one that is sick of the constant Def Noodles posts begging Ethan to comment? Ethan already explained why he doesn't want to comment on him. There are multiple posts a day on this sub. I'm over it!!!!

  8. Considering at least half of the comments on everyone one of those posts is saying the same thing you’re saying, obviously not

  9. That's not how life works kid. People don't have to comment on something just because you want them to. Respectfully go fuck yourself.

  10. kid is begging for attention from h3 and probably isn’t going to get it. He should just stick to beauty guru tea.

  11. This is so pathetic. I hope Ethan and H3 continues ignoring. Adam is such a gross clout opportunist. I’ll never forget how he spun the bottom comments. His moral compass is comparable to Trisha’s honestly, he’ll bend it to fit his clout agenda.

  12. Yes Adam some internet nobody getting pushed is the same thing as one of the biggest actors on earth slapping the taste outta Chris rock at the Oscars. What a brain dead take.

  13. Oh hell no. Literally fuck this…. So Def pushed a shitty stupid Keem wannabe?! Good! (Also Def does suck but Ethan/H3 absolutely do not have to comment on it, and I don’t want them to). Such thirsting.

  14. That sal guy is nuts. I got into An argument with him on Twitter (not realizing he was famous at all) and he was threatening suicide and replying with videos of him driving and acting crazy.. yet he talks shit abt Ethan for taking meds lol dude needs some meds even if he’s just trolling it’s weird af

  15. Maybe Adam should understand that Ethan is not Def Noodle's dad. He doesn't have the obligation to talk about it.

  16. Imagine being so chronically on the Internet that you think the Will Smith thing and this is in any way comparable. They're in two completely different scales.

  17. Bro how is that at all comparable? Chris Rock was on stage doing his job and will smith went up to slap him for a joke…. This mf is not supposed to be on stage and is yelling random bullshit and got pushed off stage (where he wasn’t supposed to be in the first place) lmao

  18. Why are people so desperate to drag Ethan into this "Def is the anti-Christ" arc they have going on?

  19. I don’t think its that crazy of an idea for Ethan to talk about it tho he talks about anyone and everything it obviously is Ethan’s choice but I don’t think it’s so insane to be curious about his opinion I think after this Adam has to leave it alone and hope they he does but I see people getting so upset by it I just don’t understand why

  20. He was big in the frenemies era. Donna said she liked him during families I think? He blew Ethan just long enough for a couple shipments of teddy fresh and here we are. Seems like he got the Trisha stans at the end of it all

  21. I don’t even know who this guy is but def noodles looks like he planned that shit with the other security dude that walked out with him. He said back stage I’m going to go out there and shove him and then you stand between us 🤣 L noodles 🍜

  22. He is such a pain, he was on h3 train because Donna complimented him, now he switched sides AGAIN and attacking H3, like stfu idiot!!! Why did he feel the need to drag Ethan into this?!! if Ethan said he refuses to talk about a certain subject, this should be respected not ridiculed by an idiot like Adam and his “besties”

  23. I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s so young but this just straight up annoyed tf out of me. I know Dan has gotta be close to going off on him if this gets brought up next week

  24. A push that wouldn't even get a kid sent to the principal's office is comparable to a hard slap across the face? Keep reaching, Adam.

  25. Adam is literally intolerable. God. I liked him before he was nothing but drama. Kid is offended by literally everything 🙄 plus this clip is literally nothing like the Oscars, talk about reaching....

  26. This is just content creator brain where not commenting on one situation is seen as hypocritical because you’ve commented on a different situation before.

  27. Just because he used “hear” and not “here” doesn’t make him smart or interesting just sayin.. also it’s MACIntyre bish

  28. He turned on him after the ‘low key homophobic vibes’ incident.. which is fair as he is LGBT but an uncharitable take imo

  29. He has the right to do that but as someone who is gay I think Ethan really tried to reflect and listen and think about the situation. I wasn’t offended but I hear the people that are and their reasoning. I think Ethan does try to mature and improve and no one is perfect.

  30. No Ethan should ignore this guy and this whole situation, def noodles is toxic and not funny, he also assulted someone, both of them are losers and Ethan should ignore it all

  31. I don’t agree that Ethan has to address it because Def isn’t a huge part of the h3 universe, but Adam has a point here, if you’re an adult you don’t put your hands in anyone except for self-defense, period. Especially at an event that (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) Def set up himself, he’s a man child.

  32. Hey I agree, Dennis is doing really fucked up shit & I think the guys crazy. I just don’t think it’s up to Ethan to address it for him

  33. Ugh. Pushing someone is now equivalent to slapping them in the face. I actually almost liked that Adam dude until he completely fell off the Trisha esq deepend

  34. lmao adam is just correct about this, not sure why ethan is tiptoeing around def so much lmao dude's actually spiraling

  35. lmao braindead h3 stans foaming at the mouth over Adam MacIntyre because he was critical of their favorite podcast once. sorry guys, shits the same, if you think otherwise you're being cognitively dissonant.

  36. Adam McIntyre! Instead of trying to drag H3 into Def noodles drama when H3 has repeatedly said he wasn't gonna speak about it for the reason that Def is a friend and he's not gonna drag def when you and the internet is already doing it, so why don't you stop being a B and move tf on? God... I didn't think you were a snake and kinda defended you, but damn was I wrong.

  37. This has nothing to do with Ethan, this is def noodles assaulting a loser on stage, it's at def noodles "comedy" show, I do love how many of you endorse violence, def noodles is more toxic than this loser

  38. What's sad is Adam can be pretty funny in his videos but the decisions he makes to attack some ppl are just wrong. adam is more a comedian than Def Noodles that;s for sure, maybe they're both going thru something?

  39. I mean Ethan was practically asking for this to happen. He didn’t want to listen bc any Def Noodles criticism came from people Ethan didn’t like and it came back to bite him in the ass lol

  40. can someone explain why everyone turned on adam? like i thought the fandom liked him i don’t know what changed? i know he disagreed with the james charles bottom jokes but why do we have to get angry at someone who had the right to be upset at a homophobic joke??? lol idk pls explain

  41. I agree on what you said but I feel like Adam took a big 180 and focused a lot on Ethan and H3 now. I do think Ethan did try to listen and learn from this experience with bottom joke. I don’t endorse everything Ethan says or does but I feel he tries to learn and mature.

  42. I generally like Adam And started watching like right before the H3 mention. But I think he’s deviated from his old content a bit. I understand have criticism with Ethan or the show but now it seems that’s almost all he talks about.

  43. why does he have to talk about everything? just because he's not discussing YOUR topic of interest, it doesn't mean he's ignoring the subject out of some corrupt or hypocritical motive.

  44. Y’all stay being Adams number one fan. Adam DOES like H3 and maybe if you watched any of his videos you would understand. You guys act like you have to blindly support and agree with everything that happens on the pod it’s insane. Ethan has brought up Def on several occasions it’s a valid question as his actions are escalating by the day. Maybe pick on a channel that slanders Ethan instead of someone who openly enjoys the pod and crew but doesn’t blindly follow them.

  45. Adam is annoying, I'll give you that... But, where is he wrong in this tweet? H3 has ALWAYS commented about such events on the internet. Be it friend or foe.

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