Aba and Preach react to Ethan’s response (Ethan should address this imo)

  1. Not to add fire to the flames but I keep seeing the crew catching blame, and I get it because that’s what they were hired to do, but it’s hard to blame them when the precedence of zero/lazy levels of research come straight from the top, Ethan himself.

  2. What’s hilarious is Aba and Preach have huge beef with Fresh and Fit and disavowed them after doing some digging. Preach even called CoCo on his BS and invited him to a boxing match to put him in his place. Fresh and Fit declined to go

  3. I love the podcast and watch every episode live, but Ethan and the crew pissed me off. Ethan is a dumbass for making assumptions without watching the video and the crew is worthless for using Aba and Preaches' thumbnail without doing any research. I wish they would stick to reacting to funny videos and fart soundbites

  4. I love how in the screenshot they had of the video, they didn't even bother fast forwarding to the end so you could see the red progress bar in the thumbnail. Not even trying to pretend they watched it lmao.

  5. I was a devout fan of the pod but I swear after Trisha, Ethan is genuinely different. I get u don’t have to side with a creator about everything but there are so many things every week that I just dislike now. Hasan is not helping at all either

  6. Ethan is a funny guy and I like his jokes. But he's not on the same level as Aba and Preach. A&P really bring solid arguments to the table in their videos and if I was them, i wouldn't even bother debating Ethan

  7. I watched the H3 podcast live when this came up, and right away I was like “oof, Ethan, bad take to not even watch the video you’re literally trash talking about and making character judgements on”. He makes clickbait like titles all the time, he should know to not judge a video by the title.

  8. Why research anything? All Dan and AB have to do is just not really push back on anything and nod

  9. Aba and Preach are irritating. They have good takes on occasion, but they also have TERF-adjacent opinions, and anyone who does anything to give Nick Fuentes or his ilk a platform can suck my dick.

  10. This is a pretty embarrassing look for the crew and Ethan. Ik they are pumping out content quickly but take the time to watch the shit you criticize, this is not the first or last time this will happen

  11. They are right. Ethan should have done more research before making such a claim to his audience who most likely will just take his word for it.

  12. One thing I've learned recently is to double check behind Ethan and make your own opinion on whatever it is. He jumps the gun alot

  13. Man I love Ethan and H3 but as a content creator/influencer its SO important that you have the facts before you speak, you're creating a narrative and a truth with everything you say. For every one who watches Aba and Preach's response there are 5 people who just heard what Ethan said and take it as fact.

  14. Yeah I’ve come to realise it recently as well. Take most on face value and his word on it cuz that’s first time hearing about that something. But whenever there’s a topic I personally know of beforehand already, Ethan often lets his biases roll and twist or cover from a negative perspective whereas it often might not be the full truth. So basically what you said, but I too feel so.

  15. Agreed. Also it's this attitude he has with non-white people. In their video Aba and Preach show how Ethan's conduct to them is different compared to Cofeezilla who has the exact same opinion, but is white. Right after Ethan then reacts to Jidion who also has the exact same opinion, but Ethan's attitude to him is more disparaging.

  16. Agreed. I'm a huge H3 fan and I went into that video ready to angrily downvote it. I ended up really liking the video. Those 2 dudes are entertaining and seemed very reasonable.

  17. It's the way he calls people out for doing bad stuff but then 'buries the hatchet' and becomes friends with them. The misinformation on top is the cherry.

  18. You’re supporting misogyny! Directly or indirectly if you support the guys speaking out in defense of Taint the turtle head with birth defect eyes then you need to go outside and touch grass

  19. They made some really good points. It’s disingenuous to say they are free speech warriors when their whole video/point isn’t about and dosent address free speech. On top of the fact that clearly Ethan and no one on the crew actually watched the video and only read the title

  20. I think Aba and Preach made a legitimate point their. The crew should have at least watched part of their video before making a comment. It's pretty disingenuous to attack on argument the other side didn't make.

  21. I'm pretty sure they meant that towards the greater community of people defending Andrew Tate. Sure, it was wrong to include A&P in that group, but they act like they were singled out in that statement which is just not true. Seems pretty likely that they just got sent a clip of the specific part about them from one of their fans and got outraged without watching the whole context. They have every right to be mad, just not any right to be as mad as they were. It's funny how they get mad at H3H3 for doing exactly what they themselves did. But hey, that's just the circle of life these days. People only do the research that they are sent by their fans, which is often highly slanted and editorialized.

  22. I was thinking I’d find this and the Reddit thread would all be calling Aba and Preach idiots. I was a fan of there’s before H3 and so when I hear Ethan go after them I know he A didn’t watch the video or B doesn’t understand it. It might be related to when Hasan went after them because of his absoluteness take on trans. If you’re against anything trans even though you support 99% of it but that 1% you’re not for you’re a transphobe in Hasans eyes and I think that has clouded Ethan on the guys. They are comedians and YT personalities who won’t back down but unlike the dummies out there trying to start stuff with Ethan these guys won’t try that but they will defend themselves and move on to other things.

  23. 100% on what you say in the first paragraph. We're now in a situation where Hasans beefs are Ethans beefs and Ethans beefs are Hasans beefs. I feel like at somepoint in the future they'll just be isolated from the greater YT scene and community.

  24. That part where he goes from them to cofeezilla, to Jidion just confirms that Ethan has some sort of issue with Black Folk.

  25. Ethans should take the time to apologize to these guys for his take on the title of the video. It’s a bummer that this bridge could have been burned, I would watch H3 interview these guys. The video is a good take on the negative impact someone like Andrew taint will have on men. Their viewpoints on who can men look at as a positive role model is great.

  26. Yeah, this story still gets to me. When someone is going to tell a story about how they've been mistreated that could also defame another person, you need to ask for some concrete proof before bringing them on to a show with over a million viewers.

  27. I don't know who these people are. If Ethan was wrong, he should apologize and acknowledge it and then move on. It's tedious how every drama lately has to be dragged out for weeks.

  28. Are you honestly going to pretend like there aren’t any racist liberals who treat people from certain places like they are simpletons and it could quite rightfully be considered ‘racism of lowered expectations’?

  29. Im just surprised that im not seeing the folks accusing ethan of being a liberal racist bring up/show clips of him defending Jimmy Lee. That kind of says something…

  30. You should check out some Aba and Preach content, you’d probably like it. It’s really good. They’re friends and play off each other really well. Super funny!

  31. Ethan is a liberal racist. Dude subtly hates black people. He knows all the worlds and phrases to avoid being called a straight up racist but comparing all the black youtubers to KKK but whenever a white person says someone he disagrees with, all of a sudden he's rubbing his chin thinking about the nuances of the idea

  32. It was so shitty of Ethan to make a big deal about them being Fresh and Fit defenders when the only time they defended them was when Ethan platformed a girl that made dubious accusations towards F&F, taking anything she said for granted and being 0 critical of it just to have something to throw at them. And then he never picked the story up again or responded to any clarifications on F&Fs side.

  33. yeah that pissed me off. I came across A&P ages ago because they were dragging the hell out of F&F - A&P are pretty far off from being F&F dickriders. do I agree with all of their takes? absolutely not. but can I value the way they work through topics? definitely. it was dumb of ethan to talk about their video without even watching it. I don’t really agree with all of A&P’s conclusions in the video, but ethan doesn’t even know what they said and solely reacted to the thumbnail. you can’t deny that’s lame.

  34. I get genuinely confused when people say Ethan "platformed" this girl. Isn't she just a random caller with no following? Like Adian Rose bringing Andrew Tate on his streaming is platforming. Tate who had a following previous before hand. I don't get how you can platform a random with no following.

  35. Really want to see if Ethan will bring up the girl and realize she played them. Feel like he will ignore it

  36. Ethan has to watch the videos. I think this is the same problem he had with Jidions video. And I can see the whole liberal racism angle a whole lot clearer on this one too.

  37. It’s also frustrating as a minority when he does things like this. Dismissing our beliefs is not okay and he should have just listened. 🫴🏽

  38. L3L3 podcast does this shit all the time if they don't like you they just make dumbass statements and their fans suck it up

  39. Okay, look at my H3 interaction. I'm on A&P side on this one and I don't even watch their videos. Ethan can't be giving a girl a platform to lie and then say they're F&F lovers because they felt the need to defend them from these bogus accusations.

  40. I love whenever Ethan gets rightfully criticised, there is always useful idiots like you to act like it couldn't possibly be organic and it couldn't be possible that Ethan actually fucked up (as if he hasn't before). It's always Keemstar fans, Trisha fans or some other bogeyman.

  41. Why not just comment on whats going on, the facts of the matter? This is a topic that concerns multiple online communities, so ofc there will some overlap of new and different opinions. Goes without saying some people are going to be biased but just writing off everyone thats not a super regular poster as a “brigader” is super disengenious. Especially since a lot of people are highly familiar of H3 during his golden age

  42. I’m a black person who hasn’t felt comfortable sharing my opinion and this is finally a safe space where I feel like I can do so for the better of the podcast but good point /s

  43. Do you have anything specific to say or is it just complaining that folks have a different opinion than you?

  44. come on. whether or not someone interacts with this damn subreddit isn’t an indicator of whether they’re an H3 fan. lots of people are H3 fans and just lurk on reddit, or dont look at reddit at all. hell- I didn’t even venture over here for the first year I was an H3 fan. fans are allowed to have nuanced takes on Ethan and the H3 crew, and are allowed to criticize them/agree with criticism. this is just such an immature response.

  45. Ethan has been a train wreck for well over 100 days so it’s not surprising there isn’t a lot of activity from many posters on here who stopped listening to his bad takes over the past few years…

  46. I’m not in this sub anymore cause I got tired of the same corny jokes popping up over and over. Came back to see what peoples opinions were on this, sure others did the same. Nothing wrong with that…

  47. For guys who hate being taken out of context, they sure love clipping things around and removing reasonable nuance. They've done it with Hasan and now they did it with H3 a second time. L3L3? Aba needs to stop hanging around Sneako so much, it's rubbing off on him. I enjoy most of their content but the bias is clear when they uncharitably critique certain creators.

  48. Aba usually watches full videos of stuff he talks about, Preach is the one that watches the videos out of context. And Aba doesn't hang around sneako alot you must be talking about Destiny. Aba hangs around destiny alot.

  49. For the most people in this comments seem either to come from a very disingenious place or honestly don't seem (or want) to know who Abba and Preach are, I'd recommend F.D. Signifiers brief excursion on those two in his video series about the so called Manosphere:

  50. Bro you wrote this whole essay to basically say nothing. Just saying their motivations are reactionary doesn't make it true. Watch their video on the h3h3 fresh and fit allegations they go over why it's silly. And they absolutely have a right to call out Ethan himself for not watching the video, regardless of if his crew did. It doesn't matter. Ethan misrepresented everything and then talked down to them using the kkk as if "these black dudes can't understand the situation unless we use the kkk as a comparison". It shows Ethan ignorance clearly

  51. They did not "vet her validity" all they did was get proof that she indeed went to F&F. That's not enough when you are going to talk about allegations that resemble that of sexual assault. If you want to really vet her, you ask for proof and then you question said proof before you put her on to a millions viewers. What really happened was a 19 year old girl messaged Sam and said she has a crazy story about F&F and the crew went "go off queen".

  52. Well said. I assume they pulled liberal racism because Ethan used the kkk as a comparison to taint. They assume he used the kkk because they think Ethan thinks that is something they can understand well. When I’m reality that’s just the best example. In hindsight I think Ethan could have changed kkk to Donald trump because he was also cancels on all socials.

  53. They actually kind of remind me of the old ethan. Back in the days he had similar stances considering the unhealthy sides of wokeness. I didn't do a super deep dive into their content but I don't mind them for now. I just wish that they'd somehow get along. Let's hope that this won't get to toxic

  54. I’m torn on this bc on the one hand, I did have a problem with how he brought them up- “I’ve never talked about these guys” when it just so happens that I rewatched the H3 episode where they cover Aba and Preach’s callout of F&F and the DMCA stuff literally the evening prior. he talked about how funny they were and AB chimed in agreeing (though he did make sure to clarify that he wasn’t very familiar with them or their politics.) weird coincidence.

  55. You do know the girl came out and admitted it was all a lie right? Ethan being shit at researching has really influenced his viewers. So Ethan has platformed a confirmed liar for a personal vendetta and levied accusations of SA. And you want to call A&P disingenuous? Words cannot describe how brain dead that take is.

  56. Ethan crossing the streets if he sees aba and preach at night so not a surprise. Dude has a black racial bias self admitted.

  57. The worst they have done is using L3L3 incorrectly. It is reserved for when the podcast is Late as per usual. 🍅🍅

  58. Ethan's whole attitude with them was immediate dismissal and belittlement. Why would they not give back some of that same energy. They established how he was being disrespectful, stood up for themselves, then gave their measured clarification about what he missed.

  59. I think this is a measured response. Funny how a bunch of the comments in the post are A&B dickriders. So obvious.

  60. In most cases “playing devils advocate” is just a way for people to express their bigoted views while pretending it’s not how they actually feel

  61. Why is it so hard to separate trans issues from black issues? Want a convo about trans issues and Aba and Preach takes? Create a new post about it, I very much welcome it but do not belittle black issues especially when you look at twitter and youtube and see black people upset about h3h3 behaviour towards black people in the recent years.

  62. Honestly everyone keeps saying that they're anti-trans and misogynistic, which I am willing to learn about, but at this point it'd be interesting to see some evidence for it. If you have some videos, maybe.

  63. Tate supporters likely don't consider Tate transphobic or misogynistic, and see Tate's ban as elitites taking out a man lessening their control over the masses. Do you think it would be helpful for Tate supporters to be contrarian and consider that maybe he may be misogynistic?

  64. I can see where them and jidion are coming from. In their shoes they see a rich white LA dude trying to lecture them about racism and calling them idiots ha

  65. It’s not a raid if you consume both channels? I personally just think they have a fair point on this. To be called F&F defenders is insane when what they were defending was the fact someone called in to H3 and started a story in which Ethan started claiming it was sexual assault… come on

  66. The fresh and fir guys did sa a women they are just using one situation of many. They hate women. You either stand with or against no center. H3 doesn't care about making you centrist happy. P You call this sub crazy but your views are the most disingenuous mental gymnastics.

  67. Ethan reacts "patronizingly" to creators of all colors....I'm not buying the liberal racism aspect of their accusations. Just because they feel patronized and are black doesn't mean its racism. You can look back through the history of H3 and Ethan reacts the same way with white, asian, latino, black, jewish creators when he doesn't agree with them. Seems like they are just using the whole Jidion thing to their advantage. Getting in to a white creators are never allowed to criticize black creators without it being labeled racism territory. Besides that though they made some good points really dumb of the crew to not actually watch the full video.

  68. I mean when he calls them idiots and then uses the absolute extreme of the kkk as a comparison for only the black creators it doesn’t look well for him. Him being more nuanced only for coffee and then jumping back to the kkk for the Jidion after does not show him in a favorable light. They make a very valid point of him treating blacks like simpletons who cannot think critically. Also just the use of the kkk as a comparison to tate is quite disingenuous and insulting. To try and act like his obvious condescension towards the black creators opposed to white ones like coffeezilla is nothing to be concerned about is quite disingenuous on your part. I see people love throwing around serial transphobe to describe tate, but when the same parameters of serial racism is displayed by Ethan you all willingly turn a blind eye to it. Also if someone feels them are being racially prosecuted who are we to tell them they are wrong in the way they feel? This whole mentality of his fan base is the same as his, you all think you can tell a person how they actually should feel about a situation you are not a part of. I see nothing but gas lighting tactics in here and to act like that isn’t true just reflect on your own words.

  69. Aba & Preach have done a pretty good job of showing how Ethan is a racist of low expectations. There's no way he'd chance bringing them on so they can do it to him LIVE in 4k, especially with the demographic he's been cultivating these last few years. Let's not even get into the off chance Ethan invites them on to leftovers and the only one on screen is Destiny 🤣

  70. This is exactly what Jideon was talking about, but probably didn't get his point across well. White people like Ethan act like black people are too dumb to think for themselves and need to be handheld throughout life - typically they are the ones that act like black people must vote for democrats, and if not, they are Uncle Toms. It is extremely condescending.

  71. Wtf is this content. It’s like they are making this for 10 year olds. Also mad clout chasing to make a 18 minute response and not even have evidence to back up the claims. Honestly they sound like little winey loser babies, all over one little comment. It’s hard to watch. Bringing up liberal racism because he didn’t watching your widdle video? Saying you can’t compare taint to isis like do we really need to break that down for you?? Then the dumbass has the audacity to pretend like he doesn’t Jack off to pictures of Hasan every night.

  72. Everyone defending Ethan by saying A&P are reactionary like that means anything. But refuse to realize that Ethan is also reactionary, if not more than A&P.

  73. Aba and Preach are some of the most disingenuous people on YouTube. They spout right wing talking points but then swing left when it's personally beneficial to them. I just don't see how promoting them is helpful. They're awful people who regularly go after marginalized communities with their own lack of research or bad takes then occasionally make nuanced videos but those videos don't excuse their other bs. Be critical of Ethan and H3, but don't promote other idiots.

  74. I am guessing you got downvotes only because you said to be critical of Ethan lol. To be fair I agree with your takes, but I feel like Ethan is in the same idiot boat that should not be promoted.

  75. Since he made the points…. Maybe we should have someone from both sides come on and “translate” for him since we don’t want him to just respond or react but understand what they said and move from there? Just my take peace and love peace and love

  76. And I’m buzzed so take the words I said with a grain of salt please? I didn’t use the perfect words but try and get what I meant if that’s ok?

  77. Trans sports as an issue doesn't make someone transphobic. Calling people transphobic should be reserved for when people are trying to actively remove care and stigmatize the trans community.

  78. Ethan is a condescending racist and he's worse than the loud ones. Malcolm X warned us about these liberal foxes that would use racism as a tool to garner support but actually not have our best interests at heart or actively be working against them. You can tell from his rhetoric exactly what he is and Aba and Preach are spot on in calling him out for it.

  79. Ethan never does enough research. Not for F&F, not Tate. Hes prepared to full attack without knowing the facts. In the last year its become clear that he's a evil, racist bigot, his time is nearly up, the cancellation is just around the corner.

  80. sure, somebody should have watched their video, but this whole racist thing is just bullshit.

  81. No idea who these two are, or what they do - but why do I get the vibes that this is just a "two people who normally have cringe takes makes a good point." I think Ethan and his crew should have watched the video before criticizing if that is what they were going to do, and include it with so many other bits of people's opinion on the situation, however -

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