I feel terrible for her dog and she has every right to be pissed HOWEVER you having a purebred and that dog being mixed breed doesn't make one better than the other -_- This pissed me off way more than it should shelbyg.fitness

  1. Whats weird is pit bulls arnt show dogs. This lady just made that up cause she likely paid a ton of money for a pretty pit and what's to say it's expensive without directly saying it.

  2. No matter the breed everyone should keep their dogs on leash!!! I hate irresponsible pet owners. The best dogs I’ve ever met are “mutts” so idk why she even said that

  3. 1000000%! My own dog is now pretty permanently dog reactive cause he was attacked by 2 off leash “friendly” dogs when he was a puppy. I’ve “fixed” it enough that I can go in public with him and he will mostly ignore other dogs but it means I can’t trust anywhere there’s going to be a large concentration, I can’t board him regularly when I leave for work trips I have to pay out the ass for a specialized boarding facility, every visit to the vet is a stressful experience, can’t do dog sports with him like I was planning, and I completely can’t go on certain walks because dogs barking in people’s backyard trigger tf out of him.

  4. Ok I was obessed with dogs as a kid and there is no such thing as a "show bully". It's american pitbull terrier, staffordshire terrier etc. I bet her dog is actually a mutt. Pitbull's are rarely pure bred, instead they are bred for looks like hers. Her dog would be laughed at if she tried to show it and they don't crop the ears for the pit bull breeds.

  5. exactly what i was going to say. she is acting snobby about an overpriced pitbull. breeder lied to her and got her to pay a big price for it i bet 💀 i hate breeders like that but the people who fall for it are just as bad for not doing their research.

  6. Was just thinking this. That’s why pitbull types tend to vary in physical traits- they’re not really a “breed” in the way a beagle or a golden retriever is. Or at least I think they were more recently added as a show category

  7. Sooo the girl with the bully breed, who are CONSTANTLY given a negative stereotype, is stereotyping mutts……. got it 🤡

  8. 100%. It’s always the fault of the owner and never the dog. I have a dog that can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs but he still deserves the very best life and goes on walks on a harness where I know I can control him.

  9. BIG time telling how “mutt” is capitalized and used as a mark against the dog. I don’t even question that this person has some fucked up values.

  10. Your “pure bread show bully” was conceived in a 2x2 cage and looks exactly like the “mutts” being euthanized daily at shelters across the country. Except yours has mutilated ears.

  11. Legit anyone who buys a pit from a breeder is a f*cking loser. Sorry not sorry. Go to a gd shelter and you can have your pick of pitties and save a life.

  12. she’s really trying to be like MY PUREBRED would never hurt anyone BUT A MUTT would… lady i have one of each and ur not gonna believe who the aggressive one is…. i’ll give u a hint, it’s not the pit mix

  13. My take on this is she doesn’t give a damn about her dog as far as it being a living, loving animal and only sees it as a showpiece for herself. Would she be as upset if her own dog was a mutt and got attacked by another dog?

  14. 100 per cent agree with you. The breed or mixed breed of a dog has nothing to do with this scenario. Tell me she’s not a mean girl. She is a “have” that will not associate with the “have nots”. She’s a snob and a stupid idiot.

  15. I don’t know what exactly happened but they’re either removing the dog from the apartment or evicting the owners. Either way, super fucking shitty.

  16. This makes me so mad. I’m so sorry to that poor pup but I have a mutt and he’s the most amazing, well behaved, sweetest boy that’s ever lived. I know someone who spent $2000 on an Australian Shepard who is a monster and destroys the house, pees everywhere, pulls on the leash awful. Most dogs behavior is user error. Nothing to do wrong with the dog

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